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I'm not a writer by any means, but these are the three main reasons I write

In no world where the internet doesn't exist where any human privileged enough to have access to wi-fi and products designed by Steve Jobs, and can self publish their elementary ramblings to the world, would I be considered a writer. 

But that's not the world we live in. And people pay me to write the thoughts in my head on the internet. So I've been criticized as a writer, but that would be unfair to every human who's taken the craft of scribing words serious enough to study and practice getting better at it. 

Because my writing style is more or less, get lost in my feelings about some subject, smoke marijuana, and spew it all out - guts and all - unfiltered, in one long rambling medicated rant that only makes sense to myself at the time, but almost always leads me to shame if I dare to go back and read my own thoughts aloud. 

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People don't wanna hear good news, and that's a damn shame because sh*t is awesome for me right now

I just had a daughter. She's five months old, and the best thing ever. Sure, she cries and shits and won't let her mother and I get full night's sleep - seriously, it's been 5 months since we've had a full night's sleep - but she's simply the best thing ever. She recognizes me with a smile each and every time. A huge toothless smile. All gums. All genuine. I dare you to name one person or even animal in your life that recognizes you with a huge genuine smile that says, "I'm actually really happy to see your face right now." If you can, you're already richer than most billionaires. Now imagine that person is your own flesh and blood? Now imagine you know that joy is temporary because babies grow the fuck up. So I savor every smile, multiple times per day, for as many days she's willing to bless me with them. 

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No More Resolutions. Just Goals Accomplished. + FREE Workbook

Happy New Year everyone!  2017 is officially here!  While my family and I kept it pretty lo key (we watched fireworks from the rooftop of a hotel parking garage and then late dinner at a local diner), many people partied the night away and are waking up with dreadful hangovers today.  While they are trying to navigate life without praying to the porcelain god for the next few hours, I was thinking about what I want and need to accomplish in the months ahead.

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4 Hacks For Maternity Wear On A Budget

Even before their arrival, your little people are costing you money.  From meals that make their reappearance minutes later while praying to God, “why Lord!?”, doctor’s visits, nursery items and even your clothing.  While you really can’t do much about the first two, unless you’re blessed to avoid morning sickness all together and your insurance is amazing, the other two are fairly easy to handle, especially the nursery. It can grow with your child (ex. Crib converting to daybed to full size bed) or be passed on to the next.  But with maternity wear, it's slightly different.

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Why I Chose A Birthing Center Over A Hospital

34 weeks down ya’ll and time is drawing near to meet our little girl.  I know I’ve said this before but I am truly excited about her joining our little family.  Her brother loves her so much already and the hubs rubs my belly at least once a day as he “greets” her.  Her arrival will definitely be life changing. But until that time, I’m content preparing for the grueling labor that will precede her birth.  Having chosen midwives at birthing center over an ob/gyn and hospital, I believe that even if things do not turn out exactly as I had envisioned, I have been empowered throughout this entire process. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the 99% of women who experience birth in a hospital which is why I'm choosing to deliver at a birthing center.  

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An Austin Staycation: Hamilton Pool Preserve

Wait.  What is that?  Do you hear it?  It’s silence.  Complete and utter silence!!!  Ya’ll, a couple of weeks ago, the mother in law and the boy took a trip to visit her other son and his wife for a week and that ish was glorious!!!  There were no “mom can I have this?” or “mom can I do that” or even “I went dancing today down south”. There was nothing!!  Although I did miss the random I love yous from the little person.

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5 Symptoms Of Pregnancy For Which I Was Not Prepared

It finally happened and all it took was a year. Now as some of the more proper folk would say, I am with child.  But some of us on the more ratchet end of the spectrum would simply say I'm knocked up. Me? I'm finally preggers ya'll.  All thanks to 6 lbs 12 oz baby Jesus. According to the ultra sound its just one. 

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11 Years And Counting: Our Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend the hubs and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary!! Whoop! Whoop! To be quite honest, about 5 years ago, I didn’t think we would be standing here.  But all I can say is, but God. So here we are, another year under our belts. I have no stories for you on the lessons learned this far.  Just know that its been work, compromise, communication (actively listening) and whole lot of respect for one another.  But it’s also been filled with plenty of laughter and fun times. 

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