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Labor Day Weekend 2016

Hey all!  Its been a long while and we're sorry!  A lot has happened since our last post. We bought a new house, the mother-in-law moved in with us and I was sick for a bit but feeling much better now.  But I'm ready to get back into the swing of things! It's amazing how life can kind of put you on your butt for a moment and you start to reassess your entire life.

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RandomAmber Washington
11 Years And Counting: Our Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend the hubs and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary!! Whoop! Whoop! To be quite honest, about 5 years ago, I didn’t think we would be standing here.  But all I can say is, but God. So here we are, another year under our belts. I have no stories for you on the lessons learned this far.  Just know that its been work, compromise, communication (actively listening) and whole lot of respect for one another.  But it’s also been filled with plenty of laughter and fun times. 

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Nancy Grace gloriously debates 2 Chainz on marijuana legalization

2 Chainz could have been more prepared. Yes, he probably did burn one before stepping on the set and that's his prerogative, but he's smart enough to know why they invited him instead of Marc Lamont Hill to debate recreational marijuana legalization in America. 2 Chainz wasn't supposed to do well. He was supposed to be easy fodder for Nancy. He was an easy target. And he has published words - lyrics - books of them they could (and did) use against him throughout the segment. 2 Chainz still performed well, but Nancy wasn't difficult to best in her simplistic case. If 2 Chainz had even one (he didn't have any) statistic backing up any of his arguments, he could have easily embarrassed Nancy.

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