No More Resolutions. Just Goals Accomplished. + FREE Workbook

Happy New Year everyone!  2017 is officially here!  While my family and I kept it pretty lo key (we watched fireworks from the rooftop of a hotel parking garage and then late dinner at a local diner), many people partied the night away and are waking up with dreadful hangovers today.  While they are trying to navigate life without praying to the porcelain god for the next few hours, I was thinking about what I want and need to accomplish in the months ahead.  No resolutions here.  Just flat out goals and what it will take to get them from dreams to accomplished.

As you know, we’ll be adding to our family in a few short weeks with the arrival of our little girl.  I’ll be taking maternity leave but I’m really hoping and praying it becomes permanent leave.  I don’t want my daughter in somebody’s daycare just so I can bring home a few dollars a month.  I’d rather spend my time creating a business that makes up that difference between the expense of daycare and paycheck to start and build from there.  No matter how much I pay, nobody is going to love my daughter the way I do and treat her as such.  The time I had was with son (2.5 years) before returning to work has proven to me how beneficial it was in his overall growth as person as well as me as a mom.  I just want the same for her.  Plus I want to be an example to them both achieving what you want doesn’t simply happen because you have the time and/or resources.  You have to do the work!!  Right now my son is scared to do the work.  He gives up so easily even on the simplest of activities including hide and go seek if he can’t accomplish it without much effort.  He’s our little brown boy and I want him to understand, this world doesn’t care about you.  But if you do the work so well, they’ll still be forced to pay attention!  As someone whose life has been partially built on half assery I can’t allow him to suffer the same fate.

So to get myself and hopefully you heading in the right direction this year and every year thereafter, I created Dream. Write. Plan. Do., a guide to help you identify and outline your goals for all areas of your life, step by step.

I know life happens (like having a baby) and  your plans can easily go from this

to this in a heartbeat.

But its at that moment instead of letting go of what you dream could be, you make adjustments where needed and keep moving forward.  You won’t be alone in this.  The hubs and I will be completing our own and planning our year around our individual and common goals.

So stop procrastinating.  Stop saying I should’ve, would’ve, could’ve and simply do.  Your life is only as long as the current second.  With each one, make it count in the evolution of you.