5 Symptoms Of Pregnancy For Which I Was Not Prepared

It finally happened and all it took was a year. Now as some of the more proper folk would say, I am with child.  But some of us on the more ratchet end of the spectrum would simply say I'm knocked up. Me? I'm finally preggers ya'll.  All thanks to 6 lbs 12 oz baby Jesus. According to the ultra sound its just one.  Jesus knows my heart and mental couldn’t take anymore than that!! It feels good to finally share the news. Ya’ll I'm truly excited.  Not because simply because we are going to be welcoming a new little person but because he/she was planned under normal circumstances unlike our last little person.  Don't get me wrong, we are happy he's here, I just wished we had been under happier times when he was conceived.  But his appearance changed our family for the better so I really can't complain on how he came about. But seriously, I'm also ready for this baby to get here (I’m 4 months now). Why?  Because pregnancy this time around has made me absolutely miserable!!  I've experienced all types of symptoms for which I was NOT prepared.With my first, overall the pregnancy was pretty easy. Sure I had some unexplained bleeding pretty much weekly throughout the first trimester, an aversion to almonds and an overproduction of mucus due to dairy consumption (it went away in 2 weeks once I gave up dairy) it was still a good experience. I didn't have any cramping, pains, no real cravings, reasonable weight gain (22 lbs). Besides the usual uncomfortableness that comes as you get bigger, I was feeling great!!  So imagine the surprise at the nonsense I began to experience this time around.

Now I’m normally the type that if I have pain, I just “grin and bear it” as they say and keep it moving.  Rarely do I take anything for my troubles.  But this ish right here? It turned my whole world upside down!  To make matters worst, I’ve actually have been told and seen in my mommy FB group to enjoy this time despite all the troubles associated with pregnancy.  Umm...can I just slap each and everyone of you for uttering those words!?  I understand the end result is what many people hope, wish and pray for on the regular.  I would rather take a raincheck on all those symptoms and just plain never redeem it, ya dig?  Just because I'm cooking up a baby doesn't mean I have to be okay with what's happening to my body.  Acceptance, yes.  Okay with it? Umm...no.  Just no.

I want a healthy baby and am excited to meet our newest little person but screw ALL OF THIS.  You hear me? SCREW. ALL. OF. IT. There are so many days I wish I could place my entire middle section plus my throat on a shelf and pick it all up later when it's time.


Now I'm pretty sure you're pretty familiar with the most common symptoms such as morning sickness, nausea, heartburn and hemorrhoids but nobody seemed to mentioned the other stuff. Let me enlighten you. It may be TMI but just consider this as my contribution to preparing you for things yet to come if you so happen to experience the journey of creating life.

1. Over Production Of Mucus

From about 6 weeks and counting, I have had this incessant mucus build up in my throat that will not go away. Initially, I thought it was the dairy issue I experienced the first time around even though my consumption had been very minimal (a sprinkle of cheese on a salad or a piece of chocolate). But no, it has stuck around and none of the usual remedies (lemon water, warm water, hot tea) worked.  In fact, they made them worse. So my only options have been is to constantly take spit breaks throughout the day or try to swallow past it. But by doing so it leads to problem number two.

2. Painful Chest Congestion

My chest would hurt to my back. I often wished that there was some of type of physical maneuver that would relieve the pain.  No amount of hot showers or chest rubs would make it go away short of me hurling until my abs hurt. That lead me to problem three.

3. Gut Wrenching Vomiting

Now I have experienced minor morning sickness this time around. It was quick and I was able to move on about my day.  But this here? This was totally different. So this build up in my throat, pretty much on any given day, initiated a gag reflex so strong, that my eyes felt as if they were going to pop out my head at any moment, my eyes would start to water and it would leave me breathing heavily as I tried to regain my composure. But that's hard to do as you're kneeling over a stinky ass toilet (at work) while trying to keep your soul from leaving your body with each wretch. Y'all I was almost in tears each time it happened. Thankfully, I got beyond that. Praise baby Jesus!!!

4. Lingering Tastes WELL After The Meal Has Been Done

Most women complain of a metallic taste after eating certain foods. But me? Anything that had any real flavor (think garlicy veggies or peppery seafood)  and even some of my favorite fruits such as strawberries and grapes lingered well past a meal. Like hours and even overnight. It didn’t matter if I gargled with mouthwash, brushed my teeth or even tried to eat a different food. It was still there. I tried eating ginger chews to cleanse my palate which helped some but soon I couldn’t stand the flavor anymore because I ate them so much. Eventually I just had to avoid some foods just to save my taste buds.

5. Man Down

Man! I swear there were days where I felt just rundown as if I was recovering from a really bad cold or even the flu.  It wasn’t the usual tiredness you experience in the early weeks of pregnancy because I was getting at least 7-8 hours of actual sleep every night.  I would just be achey, hot and cold and nauseated all at once.  Everyone at work noticed the change and were concerned about me but I couldn’t say anything just yet until I was at least out of the first trimester.


Not for ANY if it! I would prefer not to be here for it (and for those of you who think I'm talking about death, um no. Just saying I wish I didn't have to deal with all of this.) But I know is just simply part of my process for putting together baby. But still why lawd? Why!?  I’ve been a relatively good Christian woman, my words aren't always fit for all ears and I refrain from telling people where they can go and how fast on a regular basis. But I digress. Le sigh…..

I’ll guess I’ll have to wait until the cure  becomes available around but hopefully a little bit before February 21st. Sorry for the TMI but I’m just giving you the real.  Not all pregnancies are this way as I mentioned my first was overall pretty decent.  But after this one, even if we wanted more, this would be it.  I just can’t deal.  Personally I don’t think my husband wants to hear anymore of my complaints of nearly dying each day. Ah well, the countdown continues.

I'm out y'all. Until next time.