People don't wanna hear good news, and that's a damn shame because sh*t is awesome for me right now

Perhaps it's just me, but why is it so hard to share joy with others? The moments of gratitude. The world can be so cynical, it doesn't want to hear about people doing good things. Achieving their goals. Helping their fellow human. Paying it forward. Quite the contrary. 

How does the newsroom mantra go? If it bleeds, it leads. 

In today's world, the media receives more than its fair share of criticism, and it deserves scrutiny like any other major institution or industry, but one thing the media has always done consistently is feed us what we consume. 

And if today's most popular programming is any indicator about the American psyche and the type of escapism we prefer, then it should come as no surprise how and why Donald Trump was elected to the highest office on the entire planet of Earth. 

So where's the disconnect? Who's more to blame, President Donald Trump, or the people and system that elected him? The "fake news" media or us, the conscious consumers? 

What ever happened to I used to the see them in my Timeline on the regular, but seems the only thing on my Timeline these days are dead black men, refugees, acquitted police officers, and of course Donald J. Trump. I'm gonna have to make sure I'm properly subscribed to after this is posted. 

Matter of fact, I'm going to tell you about my great damn life as of this very moment. 

I just had a daughter. She's five months old, and the best thing ever. Sure, she cries and shits and won't let her mother and I get full night's sleep - seriously, it's been 5 months since we've had a full night's sleep - but she's simply the best thing ever. She recognizes me with a smile each and every time. A huge toothless smile. All gums. All genuine. I dare you to name one person or even animal in your life that recognizes you with a huge genuine smile that says, "I'm actually really happy to see your face right now." If you can, you're already richer than most billionaires. Now imagine that person is your own flesh and blood? Now imagine you know that joy is temporary because babies grow the fuck up. So I savor every smile, multiple times per day, for as many days she's willing to bless me with them. 

Vic Mensa is playing in through my house while I type this on my iMac. My wife is prepping snacks in our kitchen for our impromptu trip we just now decided we're taking tomorrow to float the San Marcos River in the heart of Texas. She'll put together some medley of rasberries, blueberries, strawberries, avocado, walnuts, pistachios, a sandwich or two, and something refreshing to drink for the whole fam as we float carelessly on what's sure to be a hot ass Texas summer day. 

Floating down the San Marcos River at 5 months old. G-status secured. 

Floating down the San Marcos River at 5 months old. G-status secured. 

As my 5 year old son walked himself to bed, he said to me, "Daddy, I love going to bed. It's my favorite." 

Who's gotdamn 5 year-old says that??? Apparently mine does. 

I took my 5 month old daughter to the movie theatre today and we watched the entirety of our feature film with NO interruptions, fusses, cries, shits, or otherwise. Who's gotdamn 5 month old does that? Apparently mine does. 

The point is, life is got damn dope right now. This was just today. I get to live my life every freaking day. Sure, there's eff'd stuff happening around me, around the people I love, inside of myself even, but it doesn't change the fact I'm so damn fortunate and one of my biggest questions I wrestle with is how can I bring others into my fortune?

Because once you start sharing with others your gospel, your good news, they tend to get easily distracted by the Timeline they've chosen. 

In a world dominated by the insecurities of powerful men, I choose to seek the gospel of every person kind enough to bless me with the smile of their life's existence.