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People don't wanna hear good news, and that's a damn shame because sh*t is awesome for me right now

I just had a daughter. She's five months old, and the best thing ever. Sure, she cries and shits and won't let her mother and I get full night's sleep - seriously, it's been 5 months since we've had a full night's sleep - but she's simply the best thing ever. She recognizes me with a smile each and every time. A huge toothless smile. All gums. All genuine. I dare you to name one person or even animal in your life that recognizes you with a huge genuine smile that says, "I'm actually really happy to see your face right now." If you can, you're already richer than most billionaires. Now imagine that person is your own flesh and blood? Now imagine you know that joy is temporary because babies grow the fuck up. So I savor every smile, multiple times per day, for as many days she's willing to bless me with them. 

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