Isom Kuade


About Him According To Her

Truth be told, given the task of writing a bio as close to you as your spouse has proven to be very daunting.  My husband is a character to say the least. He’s king of making up outrageous stories on a whim that will have you laughing hysterically.  But he can also be the silent type, trying to balance the weight of our world on his shoulders.  And its hard.  But he gets up everyday, putting his time in at work, then time with our son while saving some for me.  And when its all quiet, he works to achieve the dream, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning.  He wants so much for us and I have no doubt he’ll get us there.  But when the pressure gets too much,  a little solitude, accompanied by the sounds of Childish Gambino, Logic, or the like fill the air with a cider in hand while he contemplates his next moves.  He knows that if he just keeps going, he’ll eventually arrive.  But he won’t have to do it alone because we’ll be right there by his side, cheering him on.

His Business

iWonder Essential Services


iWonder Group Essential Services offers residential and commercial essential services such as energy, internet, merchant services, satellite television, and much more from our partnerships with some of today’s largest and most recognized brands. When you become a customer, we provide a meal to a child in America through Feeding America. We provide the services the world needs. And if you're looking for an opportunity, we are always looking for leaders looking to own their future through their actions.