Happy 5th Birthday To My Little Sir

Guess what man!? You're five!!! Today marks another milestone for you on this journey we call life. You are officially no longer a toddler, but our little boy. Ok, big boy according to you and grandma.  You’ll always be little to us even when you're forty. But until then, I'm looking forward to the new adventures that lie ahead for you including the biggest one of all, becoming a big brother. I know you're hoping for a little brother and even asked if we could buy one (um, no) I have no doubt you will be a fierce protector of your little brother or sister and dare anyone to cross their path. The love I know you will have for them will be easily given. I also believe that while being their protector you will also lead them into occasional mischief. But it's cool. That's what big brothers do right? My boy. My sweet boy, as I’ve probably have said before and will say again, you amaze me. You really do!! This year, you have learned to read while improving your writing and spelling skills. dad and I still read to you most nights with you correcting us if we dare say a word incorrectly, you have no problem showcasing your reading skills to us. You are fascinated with our world and what lies beyond. The stars, planets and blackholes are often a topic of conversation and wonder. Cosmos, hosted by Neil De Grasse Tyson is put on rotation among the limited shows you are allowed to watch. You're inquisitive almost to a fault but we will never discourage your thirst for knowledge. Never. This world is a beautiful yet twisted place.  But I hope and pray that your knowledge will take you places beyond what daddy and I have dreamed for you. Keep learning my little one.

But even after all of what I mentioned thus far, it still doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the little person you are becoming. You see, you've done something that mommy has struggled to do for years, you disrupt the world by being YOU. Sure that sometimes comes in the form of actual disruption in your classroom, which mommy and daddy are losing their minds behind trying to get you to save that for the appropriate time but it's you. You freely express yourself without a care most times. If you want to yell. You yell. If you want to dance you dance. If you need to simply move, you move. You just do you. You love those closest to you and have no qualms about expressing it multiple times a day or even within the same hour.  You give out hugs freely to me, your dad and grandma to even the cashier at Trader Joe’s. Your heart is so big and I hope that never changes despite knowing that not everyone will be so deserving of it.  You’ll even experience some hurt along the way and I’ll want to heal your hurts. But that's life unfortunately. But to those that appreciate it, it can sometimes mean the world.

My little person, you have truly been a gift to us. You are literally the gift that keeps on giving.  We don’t deserve you but I’m glad God gave us you.  So cheers to you my little man.  May this next year be filled with more love, laughter, high fives, bedtime kisses and snuggles and all around good time.  Happy 5th Birthday, Channing!!! Love mom...