November 1st, 2016: Thankful for perfect Sundays

No one wants to read the good shit. And by the good shit, I mean the shit that's good about life. Post about some drug hardships, the fact you can barely wake up to look the people in your life in the face, sexual dysfunction, or a Kardashian, and the general public is all over those posts. Post about something positive that happened in your life. Or post about some other good stuff just to show people that good days still exist, and people avoid it like they could catch Ebola simply from reading it.

Humans are such gluttons for self punishment.

Or a list. A list about how to turn your current shitty days into glorious ones in "7 Simple Steps." That ones always a winner. People are always looking for a way to save themselves, their friends and loved ones, and the world in the most convenient way available. Welcome to 2015. Marty McFly didn't see that one coming.

The Hope for Better Days

We all have hope. It's why most of us choose to do anything rather than nothing everyday. Go to work if you're so lucky to have a job with the hopes of retirement freedom; fill out applications for job after job with the hopes of steady income and a livable wage; work later and later hours with the hopes you can send your kids to a better school. When we lose our hope, we lose our why.

Today, and many days as of late, I've lived the exact days I've hoped for. A better tomorrow. And they're becoming more frequent.  

Pancakes. Music. Family Time. Omelettes. A little selfish shopping. A blunt. Great weather. My patio. Good conversations. A new customer. Some new exposure. A lot of laughter. Great memories.

A Week Later

Because good weekends are systematically assassinated by Mondays, I wanted to wait a week to post this. Just to see if my theory of positive momentum would power through Monday and sail me into the weekend still riding the same high of a perfect Sunday. 

Mission easily accomplished. 

It's 1:18 in the morning.

Family Guy is playing in the background. About to change it back to back to my Walking Dead binge. I've never seen it before, and I'm on Season 4. God Bless Netflix.

Wife was going to hit the bed shortly after midnight, but when she knew I was going to stay up and write, she decided to hit the kitchen and cook up some new body butter recipes. She's into that. 

My son is sound asleep.

I get to sleep in until 10am, which is an eternity.

I get to sleep soundly. 

My tomorrow is already better than today. I wish I could give others this feeling.