The 5 simple reasons Bernie Sanders is the next President of the United States

We're in the final days of 2015 and America has survived another year of the election cycle only poised to get even more insane moving into 2016. The crowd of candidates narrowed from about fifty to 16 - the exaggeration is almost accurate.  We know the Trump story by now. I'm not really sure how much I believe the polls - probably simply because I don't want to believe it. Although I do believe Donald Trump is the candidate America deserves after so many years of designed divisiveness, I don't like to believe America has been so perversely manipulated into believing he is what's in our collective best interests. 

But this isn't about how terrible a choice Trump is for America. This is a bold yet simple prediction of Bernie's inevitable ascendency into President of our country for these very simple reasons:

He mobilizes the people

The most difficult thing in the world is get a human, better yet, an American to show up to anything for any reason. We usually must really love or hate that thing to break out of our routine to do literally anything else. This year we showed up for Star Wars, Adele, Black Lives Matter, and Bernie Sanders. Becoming president involves making people believe in your vision so much that we get off our lazy American asses to do something about it. And in a world where we can protest in our underwear from our couches awash in the glorious glow of Netflix, Bernie is attracting record crowds of 20,000 plus to come listen to his vision for America. He who attracts voters, wins.

He makes people give want to give him money

Americans have been conditioned to easily part with our hard earned money through modern marketing. The issue is that we've been conditioned to give it up for dumb reasons. Trendy fashion, the newest iPhone, porn subscriptions, elective plastic surgery, you name it and your vice has a money pit waiting just for you. We rarely place our money into the worthy causes we believe will make this a better world to live in. But Bernie is breaking fundraising records, even blasting Obama's grass roots efforts out of the water. So far the senator has over 2.3 million donors, which is the record for this amount of time into a candidacy. And he's the only candidate without a SuperPAC. Basically, he's not for sale. 

His track record matches his rhetoric

Usually a career in Washington as long as the senator's becomes a liability to your presidential aspirations. You're labeled an insider, an establishment crony, a symbol of everything wrong with Washington D.C., but in Bernie's case, it's one of his largest assets because he's been screaming about the same issues for decades now. And his voting record proves it. Unless he's been playing the longest career bluff game of his life, he truly cares about the issues he wants to change in this country. None of his platform issues are new for Bernie. He's just tired waiting on other politicians to tackle the issues. 

There no real opposition

Hillary could win, sure. And she's still the democratic frontrunner to date. However, there are millions who feel she's still apart of the old Washington regime (see above). She's got a ton of Wall Street money in her pockets, and years worth of oligarchy baggage that comes with her name. People who want something new, don't want another Clinton. 

And the Republican party is over as we know it. We all know it. They know it. Trump is the equivalent of a dying animal's death throes. But it's not Trump who's killing the GOP. It's the lack of vision that will ultimately put the nail in the coffin for them. They will emerge in name, but not in values when they stand FOR something, rather than simply against everything. 

We still trust him

Trust and politicians have never lived under the same roof. But there's something different about Bernie. He's never done anything to date to shake the fragile public trust. And after a career in politics, that's saying a whole lot. And that's really what people want. Someone we trust to represent us and our best interests the best way a leader knows how. Maybe we trust him because of his track record, or because he doesn't take gross sums of corporate funds, or because he really is the political version of Larry David, or some combination of all things. Maybe we trust him simply because we need to feel we can still trust a presidential candidate in these times. Whatever the reason is, it's the most important thing he has going for him. 

And it's going to win him the presidency in 2016.