Nancy Grace gloriously debates 2 Chainz on marijuana legalization

Tuesday night on HLN's Nancy Grace, she invited none other than modern day negro id himself, 2 Chainz, to discuss the dangers of recreational marijuana legalization and it was the best thing to hit the network - they didn't even know it.  2 Chainz debating Nancy Grace over recreational marijuana legalization

For those not affiliated, 2 Chainz is the reason most black people can get along. He's the common denominator of the inner ratchet many people can find at their very core. Only in today's modern society can 2 Chainz exist. If he was born anywhere from 1,500 - 40 years ago he would have been murdered by some angry sect of people for being too flamboyant. Some label him a coon a la late and current career Flava Flav, to a genius by the likes of none other than Kanye West (whom many could argue birthed 2 Chainz's way into official superstardom).


The short of it was that Nancy Grace put up some less than smart arguments to keep marijuana illegal by showing very idiotic parents abusing their toddler children by forcing them to smoke the drug. The videos are awful. Nancy stated that if legalization were to pass across the nation, we would be endangering the safety of children like these by making marijuana as easy to access as orange juice. In doing so, we're failing the children who's parents would upload videos of themselves forcing controlled substances upon their offspring to social media. I'll let that sink in.

I'll pause to give Nancy Grace credit for mentioning that 2 Chainz has a degree and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. 

2 Chainz was quick to inform Nancy that her selection in marijuana usage video was pretty shitty. She had about 3 total - they were all kids being abused by their parents. 

2 Chainz goes on to point out the 2 obvious points, but not obvious to host Nancy, that her argument could be used against alcohol, but she would never vote for prohibition; and responsibility ultimately is up to the household. Dumb and irresponsible parents, dangerous results no matter what the substance. 

Nancy thens go on to question 2 Chainz's profession by having 3 other videos of his queued up, and I do believe Birthday Song was prominently featured for her viewers. She then began to dissect his lyrics, which was also the 2nd greatest thing that happened during the debate/interview she read most of them aloud.

Nancy Grace shows her audience some of 2 Chainz finer couplets of fine American born poetry






She even said the words 'Tity Boi' and 'Truuuu.' out loud. 2 Chainz got Nancy Grace to say Tity Boi. And Tru. On her own show.

I'll let that moment in history and race relations sink in for a minute. 

This goes on for the better portion of her show and 2 Chainz easily holds his own against Nancy's brand of so-called communication even calling her "darling" at one point. Just glorious stuff through and through.

3 Things I liked about the segment:

3 - Norm Kent's support for 2 Chainz - Go Norm, you are officially the shit for about 72 hours, or until I can learn more about who you are. 

2 - 2 Chainz did not allow Nancy to get away with cutting him off. And he kept his own id under check the whole time. 

1 - When Nancy tried to attack 2 Chainz's misogynistic lyrics, he wouldn't let her divert and instead asked Nancy what he was brought on the show to do - discuss lyrical content in hip-hop or weed legalization? Good move Mr. Chainz. 

3 Things I didn't like about it:

3 - When Nancy's anti-legalization guest questioned 2 Chainz's abilities as a parent (I'm not even going to write his name). It was 100% unnecessary and reminded me of the moment in Menace II Society when the store clerk said he felt sorry for O Dog's mother. That level of disrespect - and I'm glad 2 Chainz didn't let him get away with it.

2 - 2 Chainz accused Nancy's nameless anti-legalization guest of being on that 'booger sugar' while on the show. Although the claims were pretty baseless, it did directly lead to the guest admitting that he used to abuse some harder chemicals than the ones found in marijuana as he was now 12 years clean and sober. Remember when I said 2 Chainz kept his id in check the whole time? Yeah, I lied. He lost it here.

1 - 2 Chainz could have been more prepared. Yes, he probably did burn one before stepping on the set and that's his prerogative, but he's smart enough to know why they invited him instead of Marc Lamont Hill to debate recreational marijuana legalization in America. 2 Chainz wasn't supposed to do well. He was supposed to be easy fodder for Nancy. He was an easy target. And he has published words - lyrics - books of them they could (and did) use against him throughout the segment. 2 Chainz still performed well, but Nancy wasn't difficult to best in her simplistic case. If 2 Chainz had even one (he didn't have any) statistic backing up any of his arguments, he could have easily embarrassed Nancy. (His story of taxpayer dollars wasted to fight weed cases brought against himself and why he'll always beat the case was a particularly high moment in television, rapper, and weed history all rolled into one)

I guess the point is HLN still won though, right? I never watch her show, but 2 Chainz pulled in my eyeballs Tuesday night and entertaining late night television was produced and enjoyed. HLN somehow even managed to get me to use my valuable free time to write about it. Damn you, HLN.