The Truth Is: I Live a Good F&ckin Life

My wife is attending one of her best friend's wedding in the Dominican Republic this weekend. The bride's wedding party is making the trip, but my wife mentioned the husband's crew had less than stellar luck planning for the wedding. I don't even think his parents can making the trip. A trip to the Dominican doesn't come easy these days for many people. I'm humbled my wife is still having adventures - even if it means the 3yr old and myself are man vs boy for the weekend.  We're about to tear this place down.


He asked for mommy more than once already, but promptly got lost in the Adventure Time theme song when it hit his brainwaves. The little monster ate more spaghetti. Then had a bowl of raspberries. Then he ate a banana. Then a third bowl of spaghetti. Then some applesauce. A few glasses of water. You get the picture. Pure intake. All the time. It's insanely automatic. If I still prayed, I would pray this isn't the new normal.

But I love feeding him good food, and I love that he loves all types of good food. 

HBO is the best thing on TV next to Nextflix. They own the world. Today I had the pleasure of reading to my son after cleaning up an afternoon's worth of dirt from an impromptu trip to the park after school. The weather hasn't been this good in weeks. And if there's ever a reason to delay dinner prep, it's a stop at the park in good Austin weather. After the park and dinner, Netflix had our attention until his bedtime shortly after. In one rare night in front of the TV in a blue dream, HBO teaches me Neighbors is a actually a good movie. It's funny, relevant, insightful, ridiculous, absurd, smart and true. It's a good story probably about some part of your life that's entertaining enough for you to not think about all the shit you still haven't done. And Hannibal Buress is in it. He's the best thing on TV right now. I'm so glad he's getting his shine. I texted my brother about it.  Tonight, I learned that if HBO puts up a trailer for anything, I want to watch it. How else could I explain all of sudden truly wanting to watch the Divergent sequel. I want to see it now. Like right now. I didn't even know it existed 4 unexclusive minutes ago. But now? I need to see it. HBO is too good. HBO and Netflix are the only two channels I truly pay for. 

I get to watch HBO and Netflix. I have a choice to do one, both, or either or pick up damn book instead. 

HBO also taught me I still have a line I won't cross. I quickly turned off The Fault in Our Stars before the opening credits even had a shot. I can't do that one yet, because fuck cancer. I still think of Oren and his family all the time. #dads4oren I just can't do that movie right now. 

I'm working with truly great people around me. People striving for the next level and reaching plateaus they couldn't even conceive of a few years ago. It's amazing to be a witness and I'm grateful I have my own story to share. My story made it to print. Shout out to YBE Magazine for paying attention to and allowing me to share my story. Always grateful.


One of the most valuable things we all own, is our story. We need to share it more. 

Tonight I added four people to my iPhone's favorite list. I've had the same four people on my favorite's list for the last 10 years. I consider it a personal milestone for me to add four more people I can truly call friends as I realize my true friends are aligning much more closely around shared values. It's a privilege. Humans are meant to connect with one another in meaningful ways. The vision is real. Lives are changing. 

I have people around me struggling to look their own lives in the face when they wake up in the morning. I've written about depression before, and we all need more honest conversation about mental health, race, cost of opportunity, nationalism, and privilege. 

But tonight. With Hannibal Buress on the screen. With my son sound asleep full of food and stories. My wife getting some alone time away surrounded by waves and a close friend. I know the reason she's frustrated at home is because she simply wants to be alone. I hope she comes home with new stories.

With a computer with Internet access - in a post FCC Internet regulated time - and with the opportunity and freedom to communicate with the world - with the pressing of a few keystrokes - and we get to call that 'work'.  How great a time it is to be alive? 

This is the documentation of life.


These breaths are all so precious. 

Fellow dad blogger, and police officer Don Re had one of these days today.

I have plans to go to Uchiko this Monday night. What kind of messed up world is this?


I'm flowing over with gratitude that I get to claim this day as my own. I'm filled with a priceless hope for better and better tomorrows. It's pretty cool stuff.  

And I keep getting good news into the night. 

In a faithless world, I'm blessed to have my life. 

Feeling like Drake and Big Sean right now.


  If you need a good word, get at me. If you need a good opportunity, get at me. If you have a good story, get at me. What's your story? You have more good news? Share it.