[BOSS] Anh Tran shares how she helps bring out the best in others through her #anhesty

[BOSS] highlights women and couple entrepreneurs making an impact in their fields, their own lives, and the lives of people they are fortunate enough to serve While most individuals make it a goal to read one book a month, Anh Tran has blown us out of the water with reading a book a week and creating Public Talk. Tran has been mentored by Human Behavior Specialist Dr. John Demartini which has equipped her to start her own practice helping others to find their Master Plan for life. 

What is your Public Talk events, and why did you start them?

In the beginning of the year I set a goal for myself to read a book a week. I’m one of those people who love the idea of reading and I have tons of books, but I can’t finish them. I asked myself, how can I read this information quickly and serve people as well? That’s when I created the Public Talk. Public Talk is designed for people who love learning, love the information, but hate reading. If you show up to every class, you can learn 52 books in a year without picking up a book. 

You mention in your mission statement one of your goals is to awaken people’s inner leaderDo you believe everyone has a leader inside of them?

Yes. I mean the universal definition of a leader, not a CEO. You awaken that inner genius when you love what you do and do what you love. When you are doing something you genuinely believe in, you naturally lead. Hitler was a leader. He believed in what he was doing and was able to lead people to his mission.

Do you think there’s a difference between an influential person and a leader?

I believe an effective leader is influential. For instance as an individual I am the leader of my life. I take control, I’m in charge. I make my own decisions. Technically, I’m a leader. But do I have influence? Not really. I’m just a leader. But if I’m an efficient leader and I’m leading a few people and I’m able to get them to where they need to go, I have influence because of that. I feel that influence is a byproduct of effective leadership. It’s who you are. It’s your character. What you represent; what you do that makes people influenced by you.

How do you measure influence?

There are different ways to measure influence. Influence is whether or not people are willing to take your word for it or whatever you have to say and subscribe it for their own belief. They trust you as a leader.

How do you use network marketing to achieve your brand's mission?

It’s very correlated. For the people attracted to or in network marketing have a desire to grow. The desire to be a leader, a superstar. It’s a different avenue to get the information to become a leader without having to read a bunch of John Maxwell books.

Anhesty - Live With Intent

What’s the number one thing people don’t understand about network marketing?

People don’t realize it’s a legitimate business. Everything about it is like a brick and mortar business. I feel that it is the most efficient and effective way for any average person to build a successful business. It took me two years to grow in ACN, and it's more than I grew in my twenty years of my entire life. It’s the only place where you can cash in your desire. There’s no cap in salary. It’s the best way to gauge your desire. It's one of the best things that happened to me.

What are the biggest challenges about being a female entrepreneur?

For one, you are underestimated a lot. Second, there’s a lot more sacrifice. For example, if I decide to wait to have children until I’m financially independent. It doesn’t mean I’m going to wait until I’m 50, marry rich, or delay a timeframe. It means I have a goal to finish a lot faster. I’m not changing my goals. I’m changing my actions. I’m going to be strategic in my action to obtain the goal faster. I believe it’s a struggle for women because society has a different expectation on us. It’s normal for men to hunt and hustle all the time.

Do you believe in balance?

I believe in balance overall. But if you ask me to have it empowered in all seven areas ( spiritually, mentally, financially, career wise, social, family, and fitness) all the time? No, I believe if you want one area of life improved you have to put more focus and energy and there’s always a deficiency somewhere. Once you balance your energy you can become a lot more stabilized. In the beginning as an entrepreneur there’s no such thing as balance. If you are congruent in what you do it empowers all seven areas at the same time.

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