Four years doing this parenting thing so far....

This shit is crazy. I really don't have any other descriptors, stories, clever euphemisms, or Jay Z like triple entendres. This shit is crazy. And I only have one offspring.

He's the best thing since sliced bread. Parenting is truly a privilege.

It's also a burden like I've never known before. Some days I feel the actual crushing weight of responsibility and sacrifice I know I need to learn and accept. The consistency of the weight can be overbearing.

And I have a spouse who lives with me and gives a shit about being a good parent and spouse. I mean, some days she runs out of damns to give, but who doesn't? Myself included. The point is, she's here. An active and willing participant in the chaos of life and parenthood. So many people have to do this alone. At least my son is outnumbered.

As he's grown from a helpless baby into the adamantly independent little boy he is today, I'm in complete awe. He's reflective of every single one of his parent's flaws, and yet uniquely glorious in his own way. I remember the night he first looked at a TV screen, pointed and asked, "Daddy, who is that?" 

"Jon Stewart," I replied.

"Jon Stu-ward." he repeated. I paused to soak in the significance of my son learning his very first celebrity. He recognized Jon Stewart on TV every day after calling him by name right up until Jon's retirement less than a year later.

My little person loves raspberries, omelettes, oatmeal, and kombucha. Almost as much as he loves garages, Lego's and Adventure Time. But he would give all that up to hang out at the local automatic carwash for the afternoon. 

His hair is almost as wild as his personality. He has a toy kitchen in his room where he prepares meals for Argentina and the rest of South America according to him. Who does that? 

His first favorite song was Frozen's Let it Go.

His second favorite song, and still current reigning champion, is The Weeknd's I Can't Feel My Face. I'm thrilled he doesn't understand the concept of drugs and sex yet. I love that song almost as much as my son does - for totally different reasons. 

When we hike through Austin's trails, he always the "line leader."


Each new day brings a new challenge or triumph. It's kinda exhausting to tell the truth. But it's what I signed up for - kinda. 

And I vow that my child will be well endowed Like his daddy And tell him that your mama had a fattie He looked up at me said, "daddy that's the reason why you had me?" Yep, we was practicing Til one day your ass bust through the packaging You know what though? You my favorite accident  - Kanye West [Celebration]

Little Person and Mommy 

Today, I watched as he sat quietly on the couch, feet crossed, with his eyes unwaveringly focused on the newest live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He freaks in a nervous excitment whenever Shredder appears on the scene.

"[GASP!] SHREDDAR! Look, Dad!" each and every time with wide eyes. 

I can only think about the future years when he could care less about TMNT, and how I'll fondly think back to this day when this innocent bare-footed child was wide-eyed in amazement anytime this fictional character appeared on any flat electronic screen. I cherish these temporary moments. I swear I'll look back at these early years in Austin as close to perfect as one can get. 

4 years of this parenting thing and all I know is that he's still the coolest cat on the block. I just want to do him justice. As long as I keep up his hiking pace, I think I'll be okay.