HUMAN may be the best documentary I have ever seen

Recently, I noticed the Google had a link to something on their homepage. Knowing you can't purchase your way onto the holy grail of internet domains, it piqued my curiosity. What did all knowing and powerful Google want billions of people to know about?  Director Yann Arthus-Bertrand says about the project,

“I dreamed of a film in which the power of words would resonate with the beauty of the world. The movie relates the voices of all those, men and women, who entrusted me with their stories. And it becomes their messenger.”

The stories are front and center - along with the faces of our world neighbors. The diversity and simplicity of the structure is stunning. The contrast of the visuals between the human relationship with our planet and the up close and unflinching stories of personal humanity is striking. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. 

The focus on each individual made me feel as if I was having as close to a one on one conversation as possible through a television screen. 

The documentary brings people together through the themes which bind all of us - love, work, suffering, family, money, hope, community, and more. 

It's riveting. It's free to take in with Google making it available through Google Play and even published on YouTube. 

I understand why Google wants us to show it to us.

In an age where we're more connected to one another than ever before through technology, it's just as apparent that we are having the most difficult time viewing the people who share this planet with us for what we simply are - human.