4 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Donald Trump

The hubs and I did our first couple’s scope a few nights ago and it was pretty fun.  But apparently it was slightly controversial as well.  As the title of this post explains, it’s kind of hard to see why not.  Plus, I forgot to include one small word, “business” in the title of the scope.  I’m sorry!!  Any who, before I go any further, I would like to say that I am not a Trump supporter in any shape, form or fashion BUT because he is a businessman and a successful one at that, there are definitely some business lessons and even life lessons we can learn from him.  Just hear me out okay?

Lesson #1

You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room.  While trump has been hitting the campaign trail pretty hard for the race to the White House, he hasn’t exactly wowed the country with his “knowledge” of foreign policy, racial and religious relations on our own turn and many other matters.  He has answered with very little facts if any but instead rides on the waves of emotion from supporters who look to him as the voice of what’s often kept behind closed doors. For that reason, they LOVE him and are drawn to him like a moth to a flame. That leads me to lesson two.

Lesson #2

Be unapologetically you.  The Donald Trump you see today is the one and same you saw years ago. While he can easily be labeled loud, arrogant, sexist and racist by some, that hasn’t changed him or his interactions with the public, celebrities and probably some business constituents.  You would be hard pressed to not find a quote that didn’t exhibit one of the characteristics mentioned earlier.  Trump is unlike any other candidate who has come before him.  By being him all day everyday, he has found his target audience.  He is proof that there is a market for everyone and everything.  Don’t let the fact that there is someone, a dozen or even hundreds of someones in your industry.  You just have to tell your story your way. People are drawn to the unique.  They are not necessarily drawn to your business.  Your story is what resonates with them.  So tell that.  Each. And Every. Time. It’s a lot harder to play the role of someone than to be yourself.  Be you. Unapologetically.  By doing so, your tribe will come.

Lesson #3

Know when to walk away.  Pretty much everyone knows that Trump built his empire by becoming a real estate mogul.  But with any business, there will be some pitfalls along the way.  Not every business deal will reward you positive return on your investment.  For Trump in those moments, he would choose to walk away (file for business bankruptcy).  If a business is costing you more in time and money than what it's returning, then you have to let it go.  You can’t afford to stay in a relationship that in essence has become toxic.  But, on the flip side, a business doesn’t have to be costing you financially before you decide the relationship has to end.  It can simply be that your passion lies elsewhere and so your focus is no longer there.  Each of us has a purpose that is fueled by a passion within.  Listen to it.

Lesson #4

Stay at the forefront of your industry.  With the race to the White House in full effect, Trump and his opponents are on the campaign trail making their media rounds almost daily.  By doing so, they are constantly in the public eye and on their lips.  Their messages are being heard.  But all messages are not created equal.  Eventually, the empty ones will fade away.  The same holds true for you and your business.  You have to constantly be in a state of learning be it through books, online courses, certifications, coaching etc.  The knowledge gained but also implemented in a way to further expand or simply better your business, will allow you to be looked upon as the expert.  You will be the first person people think of when considering a service or product.  Then combined with YOUR story (remember lesson #2?), it will be the reason that they buy.

So there you have it kids! That wasn’t to painful was it? Yeah I know Trump isn’t loved by all including me.  But I can not deny his hustle.  The man didn’t get where he is today by standing idly by waiting for things to happen. You can’t either. Your piece of the pie is waiting.  Go get your slice.