Life today in Austin as time passes and visions shape into reality

Chef's Table is playing on Netflix. Chef Niki Nakayama is creating food from the songs she can't get out of her head.  My son is in bed trying his best not to fall asleep. I give him another 10 mins max.

Troi and myself are smoking a great bowl of hookah, and I needed to write.

We're all on the couch and my wife is doing her hair. We get into a quick spat about a service contractor and their payment status. 

Two of my mentors are left for Charlotte this weekend training thousands of entrepreneurs and more than a handful of hopefuls.

Lamar Tyler is flying in on Sunday for a conference, so it'll be nice to catch up with him over a plate of Salt Lick BBQ. We're going to eat at the airport because as he flies into the city, I'll be flying out a couple of hours later to assist another group of entrepreneurs in helping grow their commercial clientele. 

Things are good. 

This is why we came to Austin. 

Just yesterday, a new business partner invited me over to meet a friend of his to discuss what we're doing and how we're growing here in the city. It's a great thing to meet someone new - have a meaningful conversation about each other's life goals - then jointly plan out how we help one another get from where we are today to where we want to be tomorrow.

It's deeply satisfying to know that's why you get invited into someone's home - potentially into their lives. You're invited because someone else believes you can potentially make someone else's life better than it is today. 

Over labor day weekend, we checked out a few open houses by Lake Travis. It's beautiful up there, and we're about 6 years out from owning anything within a 5 mile radius of the lake, but the point is we're on our way. We have a plan. A plan of growth. A plan of action. 

A plan of earning, supporting, teaching, and duplicating. I know exactly how many customers I need to assist to get my family on that lake - forever.

And we just got started. 

I'm so excited for the years to come. 

My wife and I even started on offspring #2, which is a HUGE milestone in our household and our marriage in particular. I had a few things to say about it here.

I go through cycles of intense motivation and borderline lethargy. Too many times the valleys last longer than the peaks. I like to think my single strength is that I choose to fight through the mental valleys. 

Today, however, is a peak. 

Too many days I rant about the shit that scrapes at my soul because I tell myself there's no other outlet. But tonight I was compelled to write about the depth of gratitude I feel at how lucky I am to have simple insight into my own future. 

Kanye already said it best - "I wish I could give you this feeling."

If you're reading this, I hope we meet one day.