Welcome to PancakesandCider.com! Read this and stuff...

Welcome! For our first time readers (many of whom I just met face to face at Blogalicious - BeGreat6), I'm glad you decided to stop by.

Here, my wife and I share our stories, struggles, triumphs and pains of marriage, entrepreneurship, and the execution on a vision of self-fulfillment.

For those looking for the food: 

My wife loves to make homemade pancakes. And their delicious - trust me - I get to eat them all the time.

I like to drink hard cider. And I like my variety.

Experience has now taught me that many times homemade pancakes go unexpectedly well with cider.


Just like my wife and I - sometimes the chemistry is unexpected, but it's always a nice surprise.

So you'll see soon some pancakes and recipes.

You'll see some alcohol.

You'll see some rants.

You'll see a toddler.

You may see a few heated online "discussions".

You will see a point of view you won't agree with.

You'll see our story.

I hope we get to learn about yours on the way.

I hope we get to have pancakes and cider together one day.

Unless you suck. Then stay away. Luckily, most people don't suck.


Come by to check up on the status of our current projects, and how we're juggling all of the plates.

Go HERE to read HIS words as we grow this site and HERE to read HER words. We wish you Good eating and stuff....