Week in Review: Marriage Equality, Amazing Grace, Obamacare, and Bobby Valentino

What a week. President Barack Obama delivered a eulogy for slain Pastor Clementa Pinckney as only a Black President could at a time the country needed the voice and consolation of a black leader. The same voice also led the nation in a beautifully off key rendition of "Amazing Grace."  The two escaped murderers from New York were taken off the streets. One lost his life. 

The Supreme Court of the United States passed marriage equality and legally gave everyone the right to hate the person they sleep with everyday.

Bree Newsome happened.

Greece - let me say that again - Greece...in turn, Greeks emptied out their bank accounts and cleaned out ATM's as the country faces financial ruin behind their unpaid debts. 

The Euro may be on the verge of collapse

A Space X rocket exploded trying to take some ish to outer space. Elon Musk continues to fail publicly for the greater good of humanity. 

CNN used 7 minutes of airtime to talk about a dildo flag mistaken as an ISIS flag

Universal Health Care was upheld by the Supreme Court

And apparently Jaden Smith has given Bobby Valentino enough courage to finally come to the BET Awards as the White Power Ranger. Bobby spent many adolescent years questioning, "Why can't the black ranger be the WHITE ranger?!"

It's been a busy week. 

It's too much to cover appropriately. 

Oh yeah, and Kanye West declared himself the biggest rockstar alive while headlining Glastonbury. I find it difficult to argue with the man.