Interview: Ashlyn Carr discusses her new single Moon and declares her love for Jill Scott

Houston R&B crooner, Ashlyn Carr, has some sultry fire in her vocal chords. And on her upcoming album, Lover's Circle, she's now showing off her writing talents as well. Her new single, "Moon", dropped today and if its any indication of what's in store, the world is going get a much needed injection of soulful exuberance not too many other artists are bringing to the table today.  Ashlyn Carr was gracious enough to answer a few questions we threw her way to discuss her new project, her future, and which artists she would like to collab with.

Isom Kuade: First, thanks for taking the time to sit with us at Pancakes and Cider. Tell us about your new single, "Moon"?


Ashlyn Carr: Oh no thank you! Well Moon is a sexy sultry song that is coming from my album Lovers Circle. Its different for me. Less Neo Soul more hip hop. 
Isom Kuade: Moon has a great minimalist vibe that showcases your vocals. Can we expect more of this sound on Lover's Circle? I'm really feeling it. 

Ashlyn Chanel Carr: Really ? Good! That's what I want! I want people to get lost in the beat.

Yes you should but we will still stick to some of the sounds that were heard in My Time.

Isom Kuade: Definitely. It was refreshingly unexpected in a time where things can be almost overproduced. How would you describe your growth from your previous work on My Time? 

Ashlyn Carr: I think I am a little more open and comfortable in this project as I wrote more and I did more singing actually and made sure to own the things I wrote.

My Time was a little test trial, but Lovers Circle has more layers and more depth.

Isom Kuade: How long have you been writing music?
Ashlyn Carr: Well I was never really a writer I actually didn't like it, but now I do ... My Time is really when I started writing. But it was never really my thing and I really wanted to try it out on Lover's Circle.
Isom Kuade: Many writers find it therapeutic. How did you like the process? Any surprises while you were learning to own your writing? 
Ashlyn Carr: It is therapeutic! It definitely helped me get some of my feelings on the table. It just sucks for the guys I dated [laughs] they always end up in my material. I couldn't force the process.... one day I just felt like writing and I would write a whole song or just have an idea of what I want. Some songs I didn't finished and others had a mind of their own and came together quite well, but Moon was a freestyle and i fixed it up afterwards.
 Ashlyn Carr Promo
Isom Kuade: Reality inspires the best work in my opinion. Other than guys from your past, who or what influences your work? What sparks that inspiration to create for you?
Ashlyn Carr: Well I was on a kick of listening to Sza and I reached out to one of her producers for a track and thats how I got around to Moon, and I was listening to a lot of Tweet as well, but I wanted this to be personal and which is it in really every aspect. 
Isom Kuade: People are STILL sleeping on Tweet all these years later. Who else in the game do you admire for their work or career path? 

Ashlyn Carr: I knooooooow... Like her music still jams and its so well written and produced. Well this time around I was really listening to Jhene Aiko and BJ the Chicago Kid. I do love me some Jill Scott.

 I Love You JILL! Can you add that shoutout? 
Isom Kuade: It's in there - I may add my own - What it do JILL!? She's nothing but the truth. 
Ashlyn Carr: Exactly! 
Isom Kuade: Name three people who would be on your ideal collaboration list?
Ashlyn Carr: BJ the Chicago Kid, Kendrick Lamar, aaaaaaaaaand Cee Lo.
Isom Kuade: How long are you going to make us wait for Lover's Circle
Ashlyn Carr: LOL not that long ... It will be end of July. 
Isom Kuade: Houston has such a great music scene. Do you find yourself influenced by your city's culture?
Ashlyn Carr: Oh No ! The thing is with Houston artist its so wrapped around being Neo Soul & Screw that no-one really branches out of the Houston Music Scene. I find my self lost when it comes to fitting in the Houston scene. 
Isom Kuade: Are we going to get some visuals for Moon? 
Ashlyn Carr: Yes indeed! I am super excited about the video! It is visually everything that I wanted plus more ... I reached out to a friend of mine name OG Danny Ocean and he shot the video for me.
[check out the visuals for "Moon" below]
Isom Kuade: When can we expect to see that in circulation?
Ashlyn Carr: It will be coming out the same time as the song ... June 16th.

Isom Kuade: Awesome. We can't wait!

Finally - what do you think about Rachel Dolezal impersonating a black woman for about a decade? 


Ashlyn Carr: [Laughs]Here is my thing ... she clearly has some issues ... but can I really be mad ... everybody is impersonating some culture .... white people do it ... black people do it ... Latinos do it!

If she likes Afros and Box Braids ... then go for it ! She has issues!


Isom Kuade: Ha! Don't we all. It's hard to be a melting pot culture without it bleeding into one another. 
Ashlyn Carr: Exactly!
Discover Ashlyn's music here:
Ashlyn Carr on Soundcloud