A Page of Random Life's Questions a Husband Asks Himself

I think about a lot of bullshit through the day, but mostly I just have a ton of questions I mull over with myself. Today I decided to write them out as they came to me. Enjoy - and hopefully try to help me answer some of these:

Do I write for you? Do I write for me? Do I write for my family? Do I write for my sanity? What am I trying to say? What message do I want to convey? What emotion do I wish to express? Which frustration am I trying to share? What do I want my son to understand? What do I want him to know about me - about his parents - about his origins?

Is our ant farm lifestyle the American Dream? How do we redefine the American Dream today? Why is there so much struggle at every stage of life? Why are we still making choices between healthcare and food? Why are these choices so common, and why do they come so often? In the age of Google, what are we all really searching for? Porn isn't going solve our issues, but why is it such an acceptable distraction? Do we blame Maslow for this? Or Drake?

What does humanity need to do to see each other as humans? How do we humanize one another? How do we humanize faceless people thousands of miles away? How do we humanize our neighbor when we don't even know their name? Why are introductions so difficult?

Why does it cost money to simply step outside of our door?

How did we come to only value things which have a price associated with it? Edward Bernays?

When will people realize prayer alone solves about zero problems? When will people realize there is a controlling class of individuals who bank (make money) on the fact that all you will every do to improve your circumstances is pray about it? Prayer only begins to work when it inspires action. Occam's Razor would suggest the prayer part is unnecessary in order to get to work.

Is there anything which is all good or all bad? Why do we couch so many conversations in terms of black and white? There is a beautiful continuum of hue in almost all things. Except the movie Ghost Dog - that shit sucked and is all bad - except RZA's work on it, which was the only shade of good there. Even honey becomes bitter if it’s the only thing you're being fed for every meal.

Why do we consistently avoid discussing death? It's the one thing which binds not just every human, but every living being on the planet. Our own mortality is the ultimate challenge every single one of us must come face to face with. Why haven't we understood that religion has been our mortality coping mechanism?


Why is God's biggest problem miscommunication?

How did paper money become so valuable? How did the original bank pioneers pull such an immense trick on the world?

Why do so many of our jobs not add value to humanity?

Why don't more people know who Jacque Fresco is?

Why do so many people feel so powerless?

Is it in humanity's best interest to empower individuals to fulfill their potential? I can't imagine what 7 billion empowered individuals even looks like. What kind of economy does that make? What kind of world does that make?

What does it say about humanity when our most extreme examples of human ingenuity, vision, and accomplishment is built on the backs of human suffering, pain, death, and hopelessness? The pyramids, Great Wall of China, railroad infrastructure of America, iPads, you name it. 

When do we learn to develop a system of helping those around us? Is that a naive concept? 

Why do we value consumerism so highly?

In an age of global connectivity, why do we still feel so alone?

What kind of man will my son become in today's world? 

What's for dinner?