Marriage 101 Version 2.0

My husband, on the sly signed us up for a marriage workshop,'s Relationship Academy and I have to say I’m actually kind of excited.  Now before you say is there something wrong, I’m going to say no.  But are there things we could be doing better? Yes. Nowadays with the ever growing lists of distractions including TV, the internet, even our own personal goals and the need for your own space at times can get in the way.  In our parents and grandparents age, people pretty much worked and took care of the kids with some outings sprinkled in.  TV was introduced but it wasn’t a huge impact…..yet.  But even still, with the best of marriages, going in for a little tune up doesn’t mean anything’s broken.  It allows you to keep going that extra distance.  Continuing to push through the lows to experience the highs.

Now will we share every detail? Of course not!  Our marriage is OUR marriage.  But in this little space of the internet, we’ll allow a little peek into how we survive the day to day, while still striving to be the best version of ourselves not only for each other, but for our son and our personal well being.  We don’t claim to be perfect, nor would we ever want to be.  I’d say that takes all of the fun out it don’t you think?