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The time we received a phone call from the vice-principal on our son's first day of kindergarten

My wife and I couldn't believe it - our firstborn's first day of kindergarten was upon us already. It seems like not too long ago we were witnessing his first steps, now here we are spending an arm and a leg on his school supply list. 

Like what kind of kindergartner needs 4 boxes of Crayola brand 24 count crayons, 2 cans Play-Doh Classic in assorted colors, a box of gallon Ziploc bags, and not to mention 24, that's right - 24 Elmer's glue sticks? What adult needs 24 glue sticks for that matter? I mean who the hell can afford these school supply lists anyway? Just for clarity, if there's 15 students in the class, that's three hundred sixty glue sticks. 360 glue sticks! What the hell are they planning to build this year? Trump's Wall? 

A few days prior, we had the chance to meet our son's new teacher during the school's meet-n-greet night. At our son's previous Montessori, he learned a ton, up to and including how to kicked out of a Montessori. So during his time out of school, at the suggestion of his now former Montessori, we took him to see a behavioral therapist who confirmed our concerns after a few weekly hour long sessions. Our son was diagnosed with ADHD as well with another mental disorder we won't get into today. 

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