My brother is moving to Maryland and it sucks kind of good

I love my older brother to death.  So much so, I named my first and only child after him. 

We've been lucky enough to live close to each other for about 4 years now in our late 30's, and it's been a ton of fun being no more than a few hours from my bald-headed sibling. 

But after 3 tours overseas, one thing has been crystal clear during the time he's been lucky enough to spend that time on Texas soil, is that he's a soldier. 

And soldiers go when the call comes. And this time he's going to Maryland. 

But it's not Iraq or Afghanistan.

I'll miss him. 

But, I'll take it. 

It still sucks tho.


Even after 30+ years, he still teaches me a lot about life. I watch his choices and how his life unfolds closely. I guess that's what younger siblings do. 

Recently, him and I went into business together. We both own our own essential services franchise and we act as one another's accountability partner. It may seem cheesy as fuck, but that shit makes me proud. Who better to hold me accountable than a war veteran, and who better to hold him accountable than his little brother. 

Lately, he's been driving down to Austin as he and his wife transition to Maryland. Another proud soldier, she left weeks ahead of him leaving my older broham to his thoughts in an empty house. The furniture was picked up over a week ago. The last time he was here we spent a lot of time looking over the 360 Bridge. We saw the moon rise over the hills illuminating the river. We talked about his move. We talked about nothing. We talked about our childhood.

We discussed adulthood and marriage. We discussed the future and our businesses. We discussed how simple things really are. We discussed what holding another person accountable really means, and what it means to us personally. We discussed having two growing businesses simultaneously in the different parts of the country and how exciting the future is going to be.

Talked about Bolo Yeung and Jean Claude Van Damme, because Bloodsport is the best thing ever - obviously.

We talked about how much his nephew is going to miss him.


I'm going to miss his ass, but I'm excited for him and his wife. 

But no one can stay away from Texas too long, and I expect we'll be neighbors again before we know it. Life is about how lucky we are to be able to intentionally shape our opportunities. I'm holding him accountable to it.