They never shoulda gave you ni**as money 1: - Kung Fury

I just willingly gave Kung Fury about 30 mins of my life and I don't know how I feel about it. When I turned off YouTube, Nick Cannon's standup special "F Nick Cannon" was playing on Showtime.

I didn't change the channel.

So I'm clearly still in shock at what I just witnessed in the Internet funded and fueled YouTube exclusive movie Kung Fury.

And I made my wife watch with me. She fell asleep, and walked away as soon as the movie went off. "The Internet" she said. I haven't seen her since the movie went off. I think she hates me a little on the inside.

Tomorrow is our ten year anniversary. Up until tonight, we had been talking about enjoying our reservations for the weekend we have coming up. I hope she's not second guessing our plans now, because...

I think I love Kung Fury.

And this Nick Cannon special may be a sleeper. It's pretty damn good.

And my wife can't believe she made it a decade with me.

Watch the absurdity of Kung Fury and forget for 30 mins you actually have better shit to do.