2016 is off to good start, and I'm grateful

January lifted off with a bang. An unexpected promotion. One person moved out of my house. A close friend moved in from Houston. Then he moved out. Regional sales conference. District sales training. First flight of the year. Unexpected limousine ride. Landed our best interview ever. New energy customers. And a trip to Washington DC coming up in a few weeks.  Not everything has been great. My son still decides to act an ass when he sees fit. It's getting better, but we still have a lot of work to do. 

This is the journey of life. And at this stage, I'm lucky enough to have good people around me in all aspects of my life. It makes such a big difference. 

At this point you can stop reading. No one wants to read about someone else living well. In the world of media if it bleeds it leads, right? Because for some reasons, we're gluttons for other people's suffering. I'm not sure if that's because we need to witness suffering for us to feel better about our own situations or something more inherently broken in us. 

So if you wanna read about my depression, or about my child I can't seem to get under control, or if you're more into my thoughts on the walking evil scheme running for president, then go check those out. 

Because today, in Austin, Texas, I choose gratefulness. And I'll continue to choose gratefulness throughout 2016. Hello to the cats with ill will towards a man they don't even know. 

Driving Houston with the top down
Driving Houston with the top down