Happy 4th Birthday Little Sir

  To my little sir on your 4th birthday


I don’t even know where to begin but I’ll do my best to explain it all.

So how about I start with I think you’re great.  Seriously.  I think you are one pretty awesome little dude.  From the nightly request of 10 hugs followed by the hand ritual, you created, to the little feet and toes that curl when engrossed in the 147th viewing of ‘Finding Nemo’.  You are more than I or you dad could ever asked for or dreamed.

Though you’ve only been here a short while, we both have learned some important lessons along the way.

You are the this sweet, smiling boy who always his love both of his parents on a daily basis.  Not one day passes without you uttering, “I love you mommy.  I love you daddy.  I love you a whole lot.”, as you run off to your next “activity” (running around our house).

You love so unconditionally.  Even when mommy occasionally loses her shit, you still love me. When I come to you to offer my apology, you are accepting and remind me once more you love me a whole lot.  Through your actions, you’ve taught me and still are teaching me to humble myself, accept when I am wrong and to make amends.  When you do the same in return, on your own accord, it is with true sincerity.

My sweet boy, you possess a sensitivity that is not unlike your mother’s.  I pray that you hold on to it and allow you to empathize with others.  But with that being said, I also hope and pray that the negatives of this world and the people in it don’t crush your spirit.  If you are anything like your mother, it may leave you down, but it won’t take you out.  You will rise again the next day, prepared to be better than yesterday.

On this day, while my eyes fill with the tears of love (because you are a part of me), hope (you will utilize the gifts given to you) and fear (there are people who don’t care for our kind) that I have for you, I want you to always remain true to you.  You are you.  And no one does it better.

Happy Birthday Little Sir!!!


Now lets eat cake!!!