Did you know Grey Worm from Game of Thrones makes hot music? Listen here.

Game of Thrones is pretty much America's favorite show at the moment and Grey Worm is the nation's favorite loyal protector.  But many people don't know that the actor Jacob Anderson also spends his free time making hot tracks under the name Raleigh Ritchie. And this isn't some half-assed attempt at a J.Lo or Jamie Foxx career path, but rather a full fledged audio and visual assault of talent on your senses. 

My wife and I came across his music while listening to a new Spotify playlist during a recent roadtrip. "Never Say Die" hit the speakers. My wife picks up the phone to check the artist - something she normally does when some unfamiliar music grabs her attention for either all the right reasons, or sometimes all the wrong ones. 

"I like this track, I want to see to what this Raleigh Ritchie looks like."

A few seconds later..."Is that?.......No, it can't be. Yes, that's freaking Grey Worm!"

Yes, it's Grey Worm - dropping hot fiyah through my speakers. And now through yours. Enjoy. The man is on to something here. Just peep the video production, the concepts, the execution. Don't sleep. This man is focused. We're preordering the album and patiently waiting for him to perform here in Austin. Maybe he'll come with Donald Glover.





Did you know about Raleigh Ritchie? Feeling his music? Just waiting on the new season? Talk to us!