Dad 2.0 Summit 2016: Day One in Washington DC

And this is precisely why you gather a bunch of emotionally frustrated fathers in one place who's most healthy form of catharsis is writing online vs. face murder charges, which is totally inexcusable. That would make us a shitty parent. For the record, murderers fall in the shitty parent category more times than not, and these fathers gathered at Dad 2.0 can stomach being called many names, but a shitty parent is probably the worst. So they write instead. And what better place to treat a city full of men openly expressing their life experiences and interpretations than the Mandarin Orient in Washington, DC, our nation's capitol. If you've never been to DC, I would encourage it, same as I encourage any travel. Traveling gives a person a sense of the power of their environment. The power of DC is palpable with the Capitol on the horizon. With Scalia's death so fresh. With uncertainty in the air. DC is a powerful place.

And so are any group of people willing to speak up about how they feel about the world, because it's only through conversation does any power stay in control or truly shift influence.

Now, this isn't a complete circle jerk. In a room full of drunk, emotionally suppressed fathers there's bound to be conflicting ideas, ideologies, theologies, political affiliations, and good ol'e Batman would beat Superman's ass conversations. But we're all here for the same reason - because we're proud of being father's. It's the great unifier. And where else in our country could we use more unifying themes than Washington DC?