Chunky Oatmeal Chocolate Raisin Cookies

Soooo…. I bet you thought my first food post would be about pancakes.  Wrong. Wrong.  Ok, ok, but wait. I must confess I thought it would be pancakes too but seeing as how I haven’t made any in the last few weeks and didn’t want to wait any longer to post, you’ll get one about oatmeal raisin cookies. Ahem, chunky oatmeal CHOCOLATE raisin cookies. Chunky Oatmeal Chocolate Raisin Cookie Dough

 Now let me just say, these came about on a whim.  I’ve been somewhat stressed, well stressed isn’t the word. More like overwhelmed by trying to maintain focus on a position that sucks up so much of my time while my mind constantly drifts to the things I truly love and enjoy. And it is those things that I hope one day will allow me to live a life I’ve created and not one dictated by a job. But that’s for another day.   

Any who, when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, baking is my go to after a long day at work.  It helps me unwind.  And truth be told, I’m also an emotional eater.  Which at times hasn’t played well with my waste line nor the guilt I feel afterwards. But that sometimes leads me to eat more.  What a terrible, vicious cycle!!  But I do my best to rein it in before it gets too ridiculous.  Like 4 frozen cupcakes with no icing ridiculous. Don't ask, just know that it happened. Once. But I digress.

Chunky Oatmeal Chocolate Raisin Cookies

The quest to being an entrepreneur is hard ya’ll.  It takes all you have after you’ve given it all to your job and family and usually in that order. On the flip side, the feels you get after an accomplished goal that leads to another really can’t be put into words. But let me try to paint picture.  Remember those days in school, when you knew you would have a substitute teacher which meant moving watching all day AND it was early release!? Halleluj!! Yeah, the feels are quite similar. The realization of seeing your dreams become reality is something everyone should experience whether it be once or a thousand times, although once should only be the beginning of it all.  Just freakin’ go for it!!  I can say that, while my dreams (to be a top notch blogger, better yet brand and jewelry designer) are not yet reality, its a work in progress.  So yeah, you’ll be hearing about it.  Just deal with it okay? Please and thank you!

Now to these cookies!!

Chunky Oatmeal Chocolate Raisin Cookies

And let me tell you, these cookies are the BOMB!!!  Ok so let me tell you, I kind of forgot what temperature I used when I baked them originally. Sooooo....that meant a little R&D had to occur.  I'm more than willing to take one for the team and test them out on myself. Now I had all of the ingredients except butter, which I only had 2 tbsp not including my ghee (clarified butter).  But that's ok because I had to resort to an alternative which made them better.  In comes coconut oil to save the day!  And I tell you what, these cookies are moist and chewy with a bit of crispiness.  Enjoy them with a cup of milk as the hubs did (he was the other test subject), by themselves or even a cup of joe.

OAN (on another note), I took these to work today and lets just say I have some fans.  So yeah, go ahead and bake these, eat them, run a lap or two then thank me later.  You're welcome!



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