Beyonce, I Finally See You....

I like thousands of others watched Beyonce’s showending performance on the VMAs.  It was a typical Beyonce performance, hair, costume and voice were flawless, (no pun intended).  While it wasn’t a wowing performance for me, there was still a couple of highlights to be had.  The first being as she sung "Blue" featuring her daughter, Blue Ivy’s voice and you could see her face, particularly her eyes fill with emotion and tears.  You could see that mere sound of her little girl’s voice brings her such joy.

 It was then that I felt that Beyonce was a little more human and less this machine that churns out hits left and right while damn near printing her own money because the mere mention of her name commands the highest dollar paid at all times.  But then, as she completed her performance and the stage was being set for her to be presented with the Vanguard award, Jay Z and little Blue Ivy, who was furiously clapping her little hands for her mother, stepped onto the stage and she nearly lost it.  And so did I.  Okay well maybe I won’t go that far, but my eyes did tear up.  Regardless of what is currently being said of her and Jay’s relationship, the fierce love for her family, especially her daughter was undeniable.  And as a mother, having a child express their love for you in the simplest of ways is more valuable than any number of fans, bank accounts or star power one can command.  At that moment, she  transformed from Beyonce the performer that had just held captive the attention of thousands there and at home to simply relishing in the attention of one.  She simply became, Beyonce, wife and mother.  For the first time I felt a common bond between myself and a celebrity.

The other day, as I held my son, he laid his head on my shoulder and hugged me while lightly patting my back and at that moment all felt right with the world.  He’s done this on many occasions but this time it was different.  With his hug, I truly felt what it was like to be held without some intention behind it.  He didn’t hug me because he felt mommy needed to be comforted or because mommy had a rough day, a hug would help ease some of my tension.  He hugged me simply just because, and the pure, innocent love that I felt at that moment, can not be put into words. I know, I know.  I’m exposing all types of feels here.

The bond between husband and wife can be strong yet easily broken.  But the one shared between mother and child lasts a lifetime.  So while the world was impressed by the performance of  Queen B, I secretly bonded with Beyonce, the mom.