Grateful Mondays #7: 01/07/18 - Happy New Year

Every Monday, my wife and I will take this time to reflect through all the weekly struggles, frustrations, screaming children, unplanned expenses, surprise bills, disappointing date nights, speeding tickets, challenging co-workers, and whatever else the week throws our way to highlight what we're both grateful for. 

My first grateful post of 2018 seems surreal. Like any family you come across in America, we have our issues. We need therapy. But that doesn't stop me from being grateful we have access to therapists. And that's the whole point. Awareness and resources to get shit done. Now if we could all just get off our lazy asses long enough to make some shit happen in our lives, then we could be as happy as Gucci Mane - living our best life. 

And while our modest family is far from Hip Hip Atlanta or whatever one of the shows are called, I'm so damn grateful about the life I'm fortunate enough to wake up to every day and ride into 2018. This could be another dope ass year. 

This Monday, January 8th, 2017, I'm grateful for:


1. This whole got-damn being alive just to witness 2018. I guess I'm that old now where I truly appreciate the precious years or lack thereof I may have left. So be it. It makes all the good moments that much sweeter. The CDC reports between heart disease and cancer caused over 1.2 million American deaths in 2016. That's a lot of people who will never know 2018 - or 2017 for that matter. So to see 2018 is a miraculous blessing in itself.

Source: CDC

Source: CDC

2. This whole got-damn lifestyle. I live well. I have two running vehicles. A house to shelter my family. I have a family. Running utilities. I eat almost anything I want. I have access to food. Good food. Consistently. My kids eat. They're happy kids. We have health insurance. We have benefits. We have resources that multiply because that's what they're designed to do. I listen to great music everyday. I have access to the internet. I carry a supercomputer in my pocket. Actually, my intellectually challenging career with a Fortune 500 company gave me another pocket-sized supercomputer to ensure I was always "reachable." I live a dope city. I don't deal with traffic. I don't deal with traffic. One more time...I don't deal with traffic. I serve good people. And I have access some of the best the world has to offer its temporary inhabitants. My cup runneth over. 

And all I want to do is give other people a shot at having financial comfort - so they can have a proactive plan for their life. 

3. I can provide people with an opportunity at financial comfort through commissions, business ownership, or stable employment. How fortunate am I that I can truly help people find a way to live their best lives possible. I build business by building people. How got-damn fun is that?

Well that's us. Your turn. What are you grateful for this week?