Grateful Mondays #4: 10/9/17 - Frank Ocean and Coco's Cafe

Every Monday, my wife and I will take this time to reflect through all the weekly struggles, frustrations, screaming children, unplanned expenses, surprise bills, disappointing date nights, speeding tickets, challenging co-workers, and whatever else the week throws our way to highlight what we're both grateful for. 

This Monday, October 9th, 2017, I'm grateful for:


This week was different. More challenging. One of those weeks when it takes a considerable amount of mental effort to find the positive through the challenges. But in all honesty, these are the weeks that make it all the more necessary to remind ourselves of the 

1. Frank Ocean. Chanel is playing through my computer speakers while I write. Spotify has a dope Frank Ocean Playlist I highly endorse. From obscurity to direct R&B market takeover in about a year. All this in the era of the Weeknd. He's the antithesis our musical world needs right now. I'm so grateful this young man chooses to spend his time blessing us with his perspective and creativity. Especially this week. 

I don't get weak in the knees
Hundreds spread out like a fan
Vert feel like some Gucci sandals
Open the sky, get a handful
Torso marked up like a vandal
How you not fuckin' with cash?
God gave you what you could handle
Gave you what you could handle
I got the grip like the handle
And I'm bikin'
I'm bikin' with me and my Daniel
Hades got the angels
TV's got the angles
I'm brakin', got

Frank Ocean - Biking

2.  Coco's Cafe. Friday night my brother dropped by along with another friend. As per usual on a Friday night, my front porch was filled with smoke and conversation. My wife decided to make a dinner run to Coco's Cafe. She asked if wanted anything, but I foolishly turned her down. 45 mins and 2 Strongbows later, I feverishly called her to ask her if she left Coco's yet. 

"Yes! I'm almost back on the highway!" she exclaimed. 

"SHIT! Okay, it's my fault. My dumbass shoulda never thought I wasn't going to want some damb Coco's Cafe Crispy Peppercorn Chicken. I'll take the L on the that one. Drive safely. I'll see you when you get home."

Do you know when my wife came home she had a plastic bag with a styrofoam box - and in this box was some damn Coco's Cafe Coco's Cafe Crispy Peppercorn Chicken?! I was off that fronch porch so damn fast. My brother and homeboy had to watch me eat. Well I guess they didn't, but all I knew was I was about to murder this box and it's up to them on how they chose to spend their next 15 mins.

Marriage is hard. BUT if it means your spouse randomly surprising you with a good ass hot plate from time to time, that shit alone is worth giving it a shot. 



1. Date night.  We had our first real date in months on Saturday night. We went to see American Made starring Tom Cruise. It was based on the life of the American pilot who transported drugs between Colombia and later Nicaragua for Pablo Escobar. There was a little bit of action, some comedy and of course drama.  The only thing missing was Tom Cruise doing one of his top speed sprints down some stretch of land. I suggest you go see it.

2. Therapy. I went to my first therapy session last week. This is something I've been wanting for awhile but finances.  Therapy isn't cheap. But because of meeting our OOP on our health insurance, my sessions are covered.  Praise God!!!

Well that's us. Your turn. What are you grateful for this week?