Simple DIY Wipes For Head To Toe Cleansing

Whenever I pick my son up from school, his clothes always look like he rolled around in every section of their pebbled filled background.  The boy is filthy!!!  Oh and don’t let it be a day he’s worn shorts.  His legs look like he’s been kicking around a bag of flour.  But his face, while it may appear clean, is no exception.  After a good scrub with one of my face wipes, it becomes crystal clear that dirt and grime did not miss his cute little face.  But my face wipes weren’t designed for little faces in mind.  He doesn’t have to worry about wrinkles and skin renewal at the age of five.  He’ll have plenty of time for that later.  Right now he just needs a cleanser that’s gentle yet efficient at removing all that he brings home on his face plus allows him to cleanse even after he gets out of the tub.  He always forgets and I don’t always remember to ask and his face is paying for it in the form of the teeniest tiniest of breakouts.  So what does this mama do?  Make him his own set of wipes with help of course from a certain little person.  You can do the same for your little person(s) too!

The ingredients are fairly simple but you can customize it to your liking by switching essentials oils and/or the type of castille soap used.  For our wipes, here’s what we used:

  • 6 oz distilled water

  • 1 oz unscented liquid castille soap - plant based cleanser

  • 1 oz aloe vera juice - adds moisture

  • 10 drops of lavender essential oil - skin renewal and of course the scent but most importantly, its the safest for young or seasoned skin alike

  • 10 drops of lavender + tea tree essential oil (or just plain tea tree oil) - the properties of lavender + antibacterial, cleansing and purifying properties of tea tree oil

  • 1/16 tsp of citric acid - used as a preservative (basically keeping mold at bay)


You’ll also need

  • 2 Measuring cups (1 for mixing and the other for pouring)

  • Dry disposable wipes

  • Scissors

  • An airtight container to store the wipes

Before mixing the ingredients, I suggest cutting your wipes in half.  For tiny faces you don’t need an entire wipe.  But if you plan on using it for little bottoms, the full size will do just fine. Just simply fold them in half to fit your container.  Go ahead and place them in your container of choice and set aside.  Measure each ingredient, then add it to your other measuring cup.  Stir until all ingredients have been blended together.  Once that is done, pour evenly over your wipes.  Lift them up as needed to make sure they get completed saturated.  Close the lid and voila!!  Wipes, baby!! Simple, easy AND an activity to share with your little.  

And the best part is that once you buy most of the ingredients, you can make these over and over again for just a few cents. Oh and did I also mention that you can also use these wipes as well you know baby wipes, personal wipes or even wiping up the giblet gravy that dribbles down your chin as inhale your Thanksgiving feast.  

However you choose to use them, they were made with love, a little fun, mixed with quality time with your little people.  In the mean time, I'm going to go work on a sweet potato banana nut muffin that's floating around my mind.

Enjoy time with your loved ones. Talk, laugh, eat and then do it all again.

DIYAmber Washington