Glucose Test Plus A Quick Update

Today marks 31 weeks, (well 31 weeks plus one day to be exact) and I officially have 9 weeks to go!  Whew!  The time has flown by so fast!  I can’t believe we’ll be meeting our baby girl in a few months.  I’m so anxious to meet her.  But no rush. I’m going to try this sleep thing a little while longer before that no longer exists in our world although its getting tricky now due to an ever growing belly and limited sleep positions.  But I'll admit the standard glucose test to check for gestational diabetes that I had to take had me kind of excited because it meant I was so much closer to meeting our newest little person.  I'm a glass case of emotions.


Three weeks ago, I had my glucose test to check to see if I have gestational diabetes.  Results didn’t come for a couple of days.  While I wasn’t nervous and was mostly sure I’d pass, there was still a part of me that had a minor doubt that I wouldn’t  But II didn’t stress it.  Until I knew for sure, it was business as usual.  

If you’ve never had it done before because it’s your first pregnancy, or its been awhile since the last one, don’t fret.  It simply involves drinking a sugary drink that tastes equivalent to the little foiled top covered drinks that were sold for about ten for a dollar.  The taste isn’t great but its not terrible yet people make such a big deal about it.  Ummmm no.  What you need to be losing your mind over is that you have to fast from midnight until the end of your appointment which is typically 2-3 hours depending on the test they give you. I fortunately only needed the two hour test since I’d had no previous history of gestational diabetes or anyone in my family having had it. They take your blood at the beginning of the appointment. You drink your drink then draw your blood an hour later.  Then you have to wait one more painful, stomach grumbling agonizing hour before they test for the last time.  It is only then that you are allowed to eat.  Let me tell you, starving a pregnant woman is the quickest way for you to meet Jesus if you so much as look at her the wrong way.  But thankfully a fellow preggo from my centering group (I’ll explain that in another post) was taking her test too we chatted which helped to pass the time.  I swear if she hadn’t been there, I would have been counting EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE.  But crisis averted!


By the time the test was over, I damn near ran to my car where I had a veggie egg scramble and avocado toast waiting for me to devour. Despite it being cold, ya’ll it was the closest thing to heaven on earth.  My best friend said I looked like a slave who was finally able to eat! I can’t with her sometimes!

When I received my results a couple of days later (I passed!!), I was beyond happy but help but think what if it had gone the other way.  Before the start of the test, the nurse stated that even if I was one point above the accepted range, it would count as having gestational diabetes. Of course my mind went to all the extra sweets I had been enjoying beyond my usual of one piece of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup.  I wasn’t downing milkshakes, cupcakes, pies, or anything remotely similar on a consistent basis but still it was more than the norm for me.  While any woman is susceptible to a gestational diabetes diagnosis due to factors including age (being over 25), previous history as mentioned earlier, weight and race (being nonwhite). I’m two out of four.  But that’s not the end all be all.  I still did what I could to lower my chances. I workout (not nearly enough because the energy level is just not there), I eat plenty of fruits, veggies and lean proteins (although I’m losing the taste for them) throughout the day which all has led to a consistent normal weight gain.  So everything’s good!

That’s is for now.  Just a few more weeks ya’ll and this family of 3 okay 4 (sorry Tyson!) will become a family of 5.  Honestly, I’m not ready.  But who is?  That’s what makes it exciting I guess.  Countdown to our newest adventure in T-minus 9 weeks.

Amber Washington