6 Quick Ways To Workout On The Job + A Freebie

Not today.  Maybe not even tomorrow.  Once again, your health and your goals are put on the back burner once more.  Days go by and quickly turn into weeks. Before you know it, you’ve gained 5 more pounds, you’re frustrated because your pants don’t fit and you’re wondering how you got there.

Ladies, for the most part, we are the backbones to our families.  We are caregivers and breadwinners.  We play the role of receptionist scheduling everyone’s appointments, financier making sure bills are paid and everyone is fed, nurse for when there are boo boos and whatever else is needed of you at the time.  You’re constantly giving without any consideration while your health AND your figure decline.  To be frank, that ish is for the birds.

AntiSocial Party of One?

So what do you do?  You make time, even if its only 5 or 10 minutes to start on a consistent basis.  Eventually you’ll get your life and make yourself a priority.  I mean if you don’t take care of you, who will take care of them?  I know from experience that when I’m tired, haven’t been to the gym or even taken just a few minutes to sit and just be, I’m easily frustrated and have very little desire to speak and interact with those around me.  Let me be real for a moment may I? When I’m in that head space, I’m just mean. My answers are short and my patience nonexistent. I’m even my least favorite person during those moments. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Your mental, physical, emotional and even your spiritual health all play a factor in how you manage your day to day.  Even if one of those is out of sync, ohhhhh you know it!  Unfortunately, most of the time, so do the people around you too.

For me, my physical health helps pave the way for me to nurture my life in other areas. Why?  When everything else is hectic or just plain crazy and I’m struggling, its the one thing I can do without much thought.  I can go to the gym, do a planned routine or simply squat it out for 45 minutes.  It helps to calm and center me. But there are times where I don’t always have the time.  Well that’s not totally true.  It’s more like I don’t make the time.  As I said, even if all you have is 5 minutes, you most certainly can strike a few yoga poses, do a 30 second plank and do some deep breathing before moving on to the next task that steals your attention.

But now I have no excuse and neither do you.  I've compiled a list of 6 workouts that you can do AT WORK in 30 minutes or less. Plus one to do with the kids because I care.  Seriously, I do.

So read them.  Do them. Then repeat.

Time To Put In That Werk!!

Climb to new heights. If you work in a tall building, climb the stairs to the top. If your building is pretty tall make it a challenge to add 10 flights per week until you do make it to the top.  The end result?  Thighs that don’t jiggle and a booty that actually stands at attention instead of sadly waving.  Just remember to place the entire foot firmly on each step, while keeping the core (your middle region) tight.   Oh and lets not forget the increased cardio capacity because heavy breathing should only be reserved for the bedroom, the kitchen or even the garage.  Or even….wait! Never mind.  Next!

Parking lot pimpin'. Ok not really but I like the sound of it. Any who, park in the furthest spot possible when arriving to work unless you work night shift. Then of course park under the light closest to the building or rather in the building. Too much? Ok, I kid.  But seriously, it may not seem like much, but if the last time you worked out was when the first Bush was in office, this would be a nice reintroduction to physical activity.  No need to go hard out the gate. You’re striving for progress, got it?

Break it down. Soooo….you know the office work break you may get in your email from time to time or every week in the weekly newsletter like at my job, how about you actually do them.  I’ll admit I haven’t really done ours.  Ok, I’ve done none of them. But, BUT I will do pushups or squats at any given time. Especially on the days I’ve gotten little sleep the night before and I need a little energy burst and the blood flowing.

Now walk it out. If you have to run an office errand, walk whenever possible and then take the scenic route back.  I don’t have to leave my office much except to by stamps from the CVS directly in front of my office or to the bank which is a bit further in the same parking lot.  So…when I head to the bank I take a somewhat direct path but on the way back, I follow a path created by the round about in the center of the lot.  Whenever possible I’ll add in a mailbox run which so happens to be located at the back of our building nearly at the opposite end just to get in a few more steps.

Be a gym boss. If you are fortunate to have a company gym, use it!!  You are the closest to a gym without it being in your home.  I’ve visited the one at my husband’s job and I must say its not too shabby for a employer sponsored facility.  If you’re not too familiar with some of the machines, get a buddy. You’ll likely to remain consistent when you have friend.  Worst case scenario, read the instructions on the equipment.  They’re pretty simple to follow for the most part.  And to make it more appealing some companies will reward you with gifts, reduced costs for health benefits or even cash for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  So hop to it!!

Ommmmm…….If pumping iron isn’t your thing. Cool.  Give yoga a try.  It can be just as challenging as lifting weights in a totally different way but suitable for all levels.  I incorporate it into every workout as my way to cool down and stretch but also make time for a full class on Sundays. Have you seen some of the arm balances and flexibility posted by some yogis!?  Laura Sykora, Fit Queen Irene, Beach Yoga Girl and Super Human Yogi (this dude is on a level all on his own) are some of my favs!  Now what they do can seem daunting and impossible to you and myself but that’s simply the beauty of it.  They’ve all worked to get to a place within their practice.  Yoga is all about YOUR practice. YOUR journey.  Going at YOUR pace.  Just. Like. Life.  I’ll just sit that right here and let you think on that.  While you’re thinking, check out Do Yoga With Me for instructional videos that you can take and do anywhere.

Be a kid again.  Who says the playground is just for the little people?  I remember recess being my favorite part of the day as a kid with the swing being my activity of choice.  But now even as an adult taking my son to the playground, I don’t let an opportunity pass to play too.  Besides being good for your body, it allows you to bond with your child in a way that involves nothing more than your time and some playground equipment. But truth be told, you really don't need that either. Kids just want you to be there. And as I mentioned before, you have to take care of you so you can be there for them. But for those times you are on a playground give this park workout a try WITH the kiddos.




Ladies, your health shouldn't be an option.  It should be a priority everyday of your life.  Your time may be limited but don't count it out.  Move a little.  Breathe a little. Relax a little. Repeat.