How To Discover Your Not So Hidden Talents

"What am I going to do?" For many budding entrepreneurs, that is one of the main questions they ask themselves before stepping out on their own. For some people the answer is a no brainer.  But for others, myself included, it takes time to figure it out.  Sometimes a whole lot of time. Time you really don't have to lose. So what do you? Try your hand at any and everything under the sun? Well yes and no but I'll make sense of that in a minute.

Truth be told, what to do has probably been staring you right in the face the entire time.  You just failed to pick up on the clues. Or you may even deny that talents exist within yourself just as I once did. I mean me, a creative!? Yeah ok. That's only for the cool kids.  Seriously.  There is just something about a creative that oozes confidence, this vibe, almost mystical persona. That was my mindset.  It was that wayward thinking that held me back from truly pursuing anything.  If only I had come to my senses sooner.  Maybe I would be a millionaire by now. Ha!  

But for reals, we all possess skills be it learned or inherent that not only shape who we are but are bound to be useful to someone else.  You just have to recognize what makes you great. Then accept it and use it to the fullest. Period.

So what skills do you possess?  What kind of black girl magic can you sprinkle among the masses?  Let’s find out. Now it might be a little unconventional but just roll with it.  You just may be surprised.  Don’t forget to peep the worksheets too.



Current Job 

Now whether you like your job….or not, there still can be aspects of it that you might actually like.  Or do I dare say it.  Even enjoy!?  Now lets be real for a moment. I know some of you hate everything about your job.  Or do you?  Is it the job itself or the people?  Don’t let your dislike for a coworker or even your boss cloud how you feel about the position itself. I'll admit I’ve had a number of jobs over the years due to moving because of my husband's career and positions with no real growth potential within small companies. Through all of that, I can honestly say that more times than not, it wasn’t my job that I couldn’t stand but my boss.  Thankfully that is not my current situation. Instead I am not only allowed but encouraged to use my knack for organization and strategy.  Do you get me now?

What parts of your current job do you like or even enjoy?  I really want you to think carefully and be honest. Seriously. Just stay with me. Now if you have had more than one job in your adult life (like me), go back and try to remember the parts you liked most about each one of them too.  Are you beginning to see a pattern? For me, whether I worked retail or office, organization and efficiency came naturally.  If a company didn’t have it, I either created it for myself or for the organization as a whole.  And I still do that now.


I've always had a thing for jewelry. I remember raiding my mom’s jewelry box on many occasion for just the right piece to compliment my outfit for the day or night. She would always have a few handmade pieces that would catch my eye more than others. When I got older my appreciation for these types of pieces never left and so I wanted to try my hand at making my own. I took classes and turned out not to be half bad. I worked at it off and on over the years, making pieces for friends with rave reviews. I turned it into a business but didn't pursue it wholeheartedly out of fear. But I'm not done with jewelry making completely. I have ideas for it in the future. What about you? What do you enjoy doing for yourself that could actually be something more? And if you're not doing anything, why not? You must not only invest in yourself but do so on a regular basis. By nurturing one area it allows for growth in others. 

If you don't know where to start, check Groupon, Living Social and your local community centers or churches. They often have classes on a variety subjects for fairly cheap entry costs. When we lived in Houston, there was a “school” that offered everything from basic computer skills, gardening, sewing and host of other interests taught by local people who did those for a living or personally.  The classes were offered around town in a few locations so it was accessible for most. I’ve taken a jewelry making class at a Jewish Community center taught by local artisan and a sewing class through it and thoroughly enjoyed both.

Household Chores

I already know what you’re probably thinking but give me a moment.  As I’ve mentioned earlier, organization and creating processes is something I naturally do.  So much so that I often didn’t really realize I was doing it at home.  I just did it.  For example, when I load the dishwasher, it is done the same way every time with the thought being how can I load the most dishes but still allow them all to come out spotless? That thought crosses my mind every single day. Even how I arrange our refrigerator and pantry is thoughtfully planned and executed. My “obsession” with organization didn’t just start the last few years. A closet organized by style and color during my college years and a bookcase arranged by height as a child, were just glimpses to how I work and live now. Do you get where I’m going with this now?  Pretty much all my life, I’ve been reinforcing my ability to organize and create aesthetically appealing visuals.  Everybody has a knack for something that carries over into their  daily life in some form.  What is that for you? Think about it.


Your beliefs believe it not can easily be the biggest indicator of where your talents lie. How so? Well I'm glad you asked. When you believe in something so passionately, you are often pushed to action. You will speak, write or do something to express how you feel or come up with a solution. A few years ago as an expectant first time mom, my beliefs about wanting to welcome my son in the most natural way possible led me to attempt a natural childbirth.  While that didn't end exactly the way I wanted it didn’t do anything to hinder my belief and desire to welcome my son into the world in the most natural way possible that led me to wanting only the most natural products in my home but also for his delicate skin.  When store bought products didn’t cut, I decided to create my own.  That eventually led to me now working on creating my own natural skin care line for those seeking the same for themselves and their families.

This is only the beginning. I want you to have dreams, desires and goals. But even more so, I don't want you to be afraid to achieve them. Instead, map out your future. You may not have the complete picture. But with time it will start take shape.  Don't stress it. Just start.