Episode 3 - Leave It Better w/ Amber Snow

This week I have my first guest and I'm uber excited! Amber Snow, a top tier Beachbody coach details her start in the business and how she's managed to grow far beyond what most people think of multi-level marketing. She is truly passionate about changing lives and leaving the world the better. Often she uses herself as an example of reclaiming your health, body and mind while not following what seems to be the norm of fad diets, quick weight loss schemes or powering through even if you're not okay. She also has a life coaching business that started because of her relationship with her grandmother. Did I mention that she does all of this while being a wife and mother to a sweet 18-month babe? Before you start to compare your journey to hers, understand that Amber doesn't do all the things without her tribe AND occasionally making it work whenever necessary. She is just the first of many examples of creating the blueprint for the life you love.

Amber Washington