The one simple reason you can't get ahead in life

Does systematic oppression exist? Conspiracies? Secret world orders? Sure they do. I guarantee it. 

None of them have anything to do with the reason you're still stuck in the same rat race as last year or the last 5 years for that matter. Yes, it comes down to you. Big surprise, right? 

I don't know you, but I guarantee there's something tragic you're dealing with. Something that would make most people crawl under their sheets and never want to come out again. Some hurt. Some pain. Some suffering. Some broken bond of trust. Some loss of innocence. And if not for yourself, then for someone you care about deeply. 

It's called life unfortunately. And you happen to be the filter for all the stimulus life has planned for you. Buckle up. 

Here's the thing - it's not all about you. It never has been. It never will be. You're too damn selfish. But don't worry, it's not all your fault. You're an American living in the early 21st century. Your era and empire made you this way. It also made your parents the shitty people they were - hopefully not any longer through wisdom and maturity - and are still dealing the ramifications today. 

We are a self serving society. And while that type of culture is perfect for a society built on vapid consumption and waste, it's grossly incapable of producing long-term sustainable global humanitarian benefits. 

Through selfishness we inevitably and willingly kill ourselves. 

Just like yourself, humanity's salvation lies on the opposite end of the selfishness spectrum, which is service. Odds are you don't know shit about it. I don't. True service. The giving of oneself and one's entire efforts to another person or cause you've determined worthy of that sacrifice. 

Do you have a job? Your employer wants your lifelong service. If they can convince a group of people to give their service to the company over a lifetime, they can achieve all their corporate goals. A person's consistent service is damn near invaluable - let alone $7.25 for every hour. 

We're so busy trying to do things to get ahead in our own lives we so easily forget the only way move ahead is to serve the next person. I don't think people even understand it's possible. There's enough resources here for all of us - if our collective goal is the improvement of all human lives. 

But if our goal continues to the consume and hoard, how does that help anyone? This is not a rhetorical question - if you have an answer, please enlighten me. 

This shit seems like common sense to me, so where are the dots not connecting for people? 

The one simply reason you can't get ahead is you don't know how to serve - or even what is worth your service. 

Has the American dream been so bastardized and warped that the best Americans today only prosper by selling it in a hopeless world of selfish destruction? 

I don't know. 

What I do know is that until you decide who or what is worth your life's service, you will never get the place where your mind can be at peace. 

And that's how I define getting ahead. It's the place after inner turmoil. And that road is paved with the needs of others.