Should I Make Dating This Year's Resolution?

After two articles and two phone calls about relationships, I found myself asking “Should I make dating this year’s resolution?” Like anything else I have to ask is this a sign? I may only feel that way because it’s New Years.
I’ve been single for six years. During this time I have obtained two degrees, several career changes, wrote a book, and continued figuring out this business thing. I’ve been pretty busy. Hell, we are all busy! Which leads my friends and outsiders to say “Michelle, it’s time.”
The first article that appeared in my feed this morning was titled “Why Your Love Life Should Take Priority Over Your Startup”, by Jordan Gray. The title alone hit a nerve, but Gray further explained the benefits of a relationship and how to prioritize it over your business. This has been one of my biggest problems, since I become extremely hyper-focused and lose sight of anything not pertaining to that one concentrated thing at any given time. During the past six years, I have gone through several bouts of stability vs instability. My internal struggles are: Do I become stable and start dating or if I start dating I will find stability? I don’t want to bring anyone into this mess or not be able to show up like I should. Please tell me: which question do I answer first?
The second article, “Fuck Yes or No” by Mark Manson, discusses how people are in a grey area when it comes to dating. As for me, I don’t take dating lightly. I understand dating should be fun; but that is not what I thrive on. I’ve been in that place where I overlook habits, beliefs, and so-called minor things, because I was in the flowery, infancy stage. I would tell myself 'let’s just see what happens,' and 12 months later I am met with a rude awakening.
Last year, I kept hearing this phrase by Derek Sivers pertaining to business “If it’s not a Hell Yes, it’s a No!" I have applied this to my business; perhaps I need to add it to my personal life? I don’t want to be stuck in grey, nor do I want to meet someone stuck in that area. I want butterflies. I want inspiration. I want to excite someone with my presence; so even when it’s F’d up, we can still say "Hell Yes" to each other. I believe love is a decision! The person you end up with truly affects your livelihood and determines your pathway to happiness and success.
So, should I make dating a part of my resolution? Yes, I should. I know I should. Now I haven’t figured out the how, but at least I got to why. I will make some personal adjustments and see how things go. It’s not a matter of finding BAE, but that small part of self that needs to tap into the other side of balance.