Lucky Number 13 - Our Anniversary and 13 reasons I'm selfishly grateful to be married

The day I said "I do," I still wasn't 100% sure we were going to make it for a lifetime. No one does. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Because as true as their intentions are, no one controls the decisions of another grown ass human. With that said, I'm proud to say 13 years later, my wife and I are still kicking it strong. 

In honor of our making it this far, I want to highlight my points of gratitude that kept me focused through good and rough years. 

These are 13 reasons I'm selfishly grateful for being married up to 13 years to my partner-in-life. 

1. Extra sleep

The best thing my wife and I ever did was agree to alternate sleep-in days on the weekend. Saturday mornings are mine, and Sundays are hers to exercise, read, leave the house, or just sleep in a few extra hours. Sleeping wins out 98% of the time. It's the sweetest sleep in the world - every single weekend. 

2. Someone to discover new things with

One of our favorite things to do is discover new ish. New food, new roads to drive, new hiking paths, new watering holes, new wineries, cities, countries, and even new ways to annoy one another. We experience thing called life hand in hand. Hate it or love it, we discover it together. 

3. Practice making kids

No explanation needed ;-)

4. Help with these damn kids we made

Single parenthood can suck at times. I'm glad we're both here to tag team these mamma-jammas. 

5. Delicious random goodies

From lemon bars, homemade mac and cheese, and bubble-tea, whenever my wife is in a good mood she's more likely to surprise me with something tasty to put in my belly. Who can be mad at that? 

6. Game of Thrones partner

Because Westeros is even more exciting when you can lean on someone during The Red Wedding. 

7. Spooning

Spooning or cuddling is still the number one reason for cuffing season. Agreed, you can't do that ish all night - it's too damn hot for all that. But nothing beats a good spooning session with either someone you want to hold, or someone you want holding you. 

8. Fake karate partner

What most people don't know is my wife hunts me in my own house at times. She's waiting for the right vulnerable moment to karate chop my head clean off as I walk around an unspespecting corner or while my back is turned as I wash the dishes. You need someone to randomly practice your wax-on, wax-off techniques with. Keeps me on my toes. 

9. Someone who reminds me to go to the doctor

Men suck at this. It's nice to have someone who gives a damn.

10. Someone who reminds me to exercise

See #9.

11. Someone to remind me they're not watching these damn kids by herself if I die

This is real reason she cares about #'s 9 and 10, but it's understandable. 

12. Help finding lost things

I lose things ALL THE DAMN TIME. I can't count all the times she's both bailed me out of a tight situation while simultaneously cussing me out. My bad. 

13. Taking care of my sick ass

I don't care if you're mad at your wife because she wouldn't let you watch the damn Superbowl. All is forgiven when you're doubled over in pain with the fever chills running through your body and she's tending to your debilitated ass with side-eyes, warm soup, and ice water. Because that's the whole point right? Someone we're privileged enough to take care of when all we have is conversation and a colostomy bag. 


Stonehouse Vineyard. New weekend, new vineyard. 


Teaching our youngest how to kick it early at Austin Eastciders


Purifying ourselves under the waters of Krause Springs


One of my wife's many side-eyes


After a spoiled dinner at Loro. Literally some of the best damn food Austin has to offer.


Our view of Krause Springs for the day


How we lounge whenever we post up at a new watering hole like Krause Springs


Mommy's girl


Family splash time at Bull Creek


Just how we get at it - Love you, sir

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