3 Things You Need To Build A Solid Brand

Brand. Brand. BRAnd. BRAND! That word is everyywhere! I can't go a day without reading or hearing about it in some form. Hell I've even talked about it a few times at length with my boss regarding the company for which I work.  It's practically unavoidable. But rightfully so, because your brand is EVERYTHING when it comes to your business.  

It is the reason why people come back to you time and time again.  It is the reason that they refer you to their friends and family.  It is the reason they will buy a new product from you without really knowing all of the ins and outs of it.  They just believe in their mind, that if its coming from you, it has to be good.

You've set that precedent and created high expectations that to them, you've not only met but exceeded.  And that's absolutely wonderful.  That's what you want.  That's what you need to keep your business going and growing.

But how do you get there? Good question.

Well, since I've been on this journey to creating a skin care line that not only matters to me but truly fulfills the needs and wants of my customers, I've picked up a thing or two from some of the best at branding just by watching their business grow and their reach expand exponentially.  Then simply as a consumer myself with particular tastes.

So first things first, I'm the realest. Ok, sorry I couldn't resist.  Iggy worked her way into my mind but only for the moment.

But all jokes aside, lets start with the basics.  So what is a brand exactly?

Its your color palette (think Tiffany's). Its your font.  Its your design.  Its your signature stylings. Its your delivery.  It's the final touch.  YOUR story. Basically, its all the things that are unique to YOUR product or service that leaves a lasting impression in the mind and maybe even the heart of your consumer.  

But none of these things will matter if you're not consistent with them at ALL times.  Its how people recognize your brand from the next.  Look at Coke and Pepsi.  They are two of the most recognizable brands when it comes to colas but vastly different in nearly every aspect from taste to the slogan.

As someone who is creating a natural skincare product line, I know what I am doing is nothing new.  But that's okay.  

I'm not worried. There may be hundreds of brands, but not all of them are telling their story.  Not all of them are concerned with product standards and presentation.  Not all of them are concerned with that one thing that will set them apart.  

But I am.

I want you to be too but don't go stressing yourself out if its not perfect.  There in lies the beauty of building a brand.  It can evolve over time.  The colors may change or the packaging may change shape, but the heart of your brand remains the same.

So how do you do that? Oh look at you being inquisitive. 

Having a Clear and Concise Message

People don't care about the fluff. They want the real. They need to understand your who, your why and your what so they'll stick around to understand your how (what you can do for them).

when your message is clear, people can connect with you. When that connection is made they're more likely to buy even when the cost may seem outrageous to some. 

Clean Design

Let's be honest here. People like to look at pretty things.  I know I do!  I know I've been stopped in my tracks by stunning window displays while out shopping. I've oohed and aahed over handmade stationary that has taken every detail from lettering, colors and design into consideration. 

The presentation of your brand simply can't be overlooked.

It can speak for you when nothing else is known about you.  It doesn't have to be complex.  Just make it look like you give a damn.  So what if the labels on your handmade body wash are simplistic.  But you took the time to handstamp little notes of encouragement that is sent with everything single package.  Or you create info products, which are huge in this day and age.  Everything that you create from your site, workbooks, graphics, EVERYTHING that will have your name and brand on it needs to be consistent across the board.

Once again, things don't have to be perfect. It just needs to be identifiable.

Consistent At All Times

This. THIS!? This more than anything else, is why people will keep coming back.  No matter how strongly your message resonates with someone or how beautiful your packaging may be, if your product is great one moment and hot garbage the next?  You can kiss that customer goodbye. Consistency is key in any and EV-ER-RYThing that you do!  Do you hear me!?  This is the one principle that applies to not only your business but your life.  I could speak hear for hours on your life but I won't take ya'll to church on that today.

If people can't count on you to deliver that same product with the same or better results, you might as well close your doors now.  

People should be able to buy your product or service today and buy it a year from and get the same great experience to which they have been accustomed.

If you hand make a product, like I do and you need to hire 5 more people to get the job done, you better make sure they can do the job just like you.

Stand behind your brand.

I know this seems like a lot.  And it probably is.  But you need it.  I need it. You won't achieve your definition of success without it.