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Baby Led Weaning: Yay or Nay?

Years ago when I first started feeding my son solids, I cooked and puréed a couple of foods (sweet potato and peas) and spoon fed them to him much to his delight.

We continued on that path, adding 1-2 new foods a week until he was capable of feeding himself with his own utensils. I refused to buy those raggedy plastic but part metal utensils with some cartoon or superhero character emblazoned on the handle. No.

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Dear Little Sir: Six Years And Counting

Well little sir, its that time of year again albeit a few days late. Honestly, I just couldn't get my thoughts together. And I'm pretty sure I didn't effectively communicate what I wanted to say. But I hope you understand and allow mommy some grace mkay? 

Any who, your father and I have managed to keep you alive for one more year which brings us to a grand total of six whole years!  You are freaking six!!  While there were many times I begged Jesus to fix it because of your shenanigans, we wouldn't trade you for the world.

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Grateful Mondays #2: 9/18/17 - Opportunity, big brothers, and wives who murder

Every Monday, my wife and I will take this time to reflect through all the weekly struggles, frustrations, screaming children, unplanned expenses, surprise bills, disappointing date nights, speeding tickets, challenging co-workers, and whatever else the week throws our way to highlight what we're both grateful for. 

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10 Quiet Learning Activities for Toddlers

Let me just say I am a huge fan of any activity that allows my son to play quietly.  Ha!!  But truthfully as much as technology is a part of our world, I dont’ want that to be the only way he learns.  I’ll admit there are some really great apps out there (we’ve downloaded a few) and learning programs on the boob tube, but they don’t allow you to truly interact with your child one on one.  I try my best to avoid battery operated toys because I’ve found them to be, in my opinion pretty useless except as noise makers. I am really partial to those that also are truly learning centered and create interactive “play”. 

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