Baby girl is one month old (ok more like almost 2 months but hey she keeps me busy AND sleepy)!! Time has flown by and will only continue to feel like it’s going lightning speed as she grows up. So like most parents I want to commemorate her first year. We somewhat did the same with big brother but a very scaled back version. We took the monthly pictures but don’t really have a record of his major milestones. I have a memory of some like his first steps and his first taste of food which I had blogged about previously on my now defunct personal blog but it would be nice to have had it captured not just in pics but specifics for that month. The sad thing is we had a friend make this beautiful scrapbook to keep track of those very things and I never put one dang picture in there. They’re still sitting on our computer with the other 11,000 pics. I’m not exaggerating. Sad. Soooooo…I intend to do better this time around.

Now I could have ordered those baby’s first year monthly stickers from a shop on Etsy but thought it would be more fun to make my own. For just a few dollars (16 bucks and some change), I bought supplies for the stickers and a chalkboard. Whoop! Whoop!

So here’s what you’ll need

DIY Baby First Year Monthly Stickers

  • doilies – the color I chose happen to be on clearance
  • Wood embellishments
  • Numerical stickers
  • A glue gun
  • Fine tip sharpie
  • Packing tape/regular scotch tape

I started by affixing all the numbers to the wood embellishments first. It just made it easier to try to center them as best as possible.

Then I glued each wood embellishment to a doilie.

DIY Baby First Year Monthly Stickers Supplies

I then wrote the word month or months on each one.

I added a piece of tape big enough to make sure it would adhere to clothing.

Ta da!! Done!! They’re basically completed sans tape. You’ll add a piece as you need it for that month.

completed Baby First Year Monthly Stickers

As far as the chalkboard was concerned, I kept it simple and only added pertinent information like her major likes and dislikes and major cute thing she does currently.
Now how easy was that!? A simple project to capture those seeet moments that are oh so fleeting.

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