My son is probably one of the happiest kids you’ll ever meet.  His energy can be infectious.  He never fails to make others smile around him.  But when he’s sad you know it too.  Deep sighs, hunched shoulders and a hung head are his m.o.  But then he quickly rebounds like an all star NBA player.  Why?  Because it is truly the simplest of things that make him happy.  Well, that and hugs, kisses and tickles from all the people who love him but especially mommy and daddy and we couldn’t be more grateful.  He has a big heart for almost everyone and makes sure you know it.

In just his short time here on earth, he’s shown us the happiness that can be found in everyday life if only you allow it to happen. For me especially, I struggle with that because of my need to have everything be just right.  Although I’ve begun to loosen the reigns on this mentality, it still hasn’t been easy. But this little boy is definitely teaching me a thing or two. Progress over perfection. Always.

So what does it take to make a little nearly 4 foot ninja happy? As I said before not much so let me enlighten you. The list is short but it’s also every changing and true representation of him.  He is four after all with a personality the size of Texas and quirks like his mother.


  1. Opening the garage


  1. Closing the garage (Yes these are separate because he will ask to do one or the other.  It just depends on the day or time)


  1. Walking on speedbumps (what you usually see in parking lots, parking garages or neighborhoods)


  1. Parking in the parking garage


  1. Driving past the car wash (he has thanked us on a few occasions when we’ve driven past whether intentional or not)


  1. Going through the car wash. (He always has the biggest grin as we go through and requests that the music be turned down)

Wash N Roll Carwash - Little Sir

  1. Helping us cook a meal

Cooking In the Kitchen

  1.  Laying with him at bedtime and talking


  1. Pushing elevator buttons to open them


  1.  Watching elevators, garage doors or automatic grocery doors open and close


  1. The little red grocery basket at Trader Joe’s along with the customary sample drink and food


  1. Going to the gym with us


  1. Playing Legos with daddy

Playing With Legos With Daddy

  1. Making our weekly trip to the farmer’s market

Lakeline Farmers Market

  1. Rubbing his BARE BOOTY against our legs when we least expect it.  For example when I’m having a conversation with his dad and he silently appears out of the bathroom to make his presence known in his own “special” way.  I still don’t get this one.
  2. A bowl of ramen from Ramen Tatsuya. This is NOT your college ramen. No sir!! From the soft boiled egg, the strips of seaweed and the rich, flavor packed broth, the boy appreciates a good hot plate

Ramen Tatsuya Dipping Ramen

  1. Wrestling with daddy


While I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten a few more, you get the picture.  

It’s not necessarily the tangible that brightens his day, but his experiences with us that lights up his little face. Happiness I’ve learned in sometimes the most painful of ways, is fleeting. It feels almost magical like the winged unicorn of stories told. But he’s made it pretty clear it exists.

While I know that one day, the world will unfortunately have its turn to try to break his spirit, I will try my best to cherish these little moments. Time is fleeting. But I’ll take time to enjoy him today.

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